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Say Goodbye to Dark, Puffy Eyes

Let’s face it, dark and puffy eyes are one of the first things people notice when they see you. Not only do they give the impression you’re tired but also add to your age. While you can scour the internet for remedies to reduce the appearance, these generally are instant remedies that do not correct the problem. So what’s the answer? Well, I’m not a dermatologist but what I recommend is trying a product which not only treats the concern but instantly corrects. Introducing Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die for Darkness-Reducing Under-Eye Treatment.

Created to instantly reduce the look of darkness, puffiness, and signs of aging while priming the skin for flawless makeup application. Here’s how it works:

  • Haloxl 2% - This ingredient has been proven to boost blood circulation and is effective in reducing bags and dark circles by more than 60%. It works by thickening skin under the eyes, boosting circulation and removing accumulated hemoglobin to create a lighter effect.

  • Vitamin K1 – known for reducing inflammation, redness, swelling helps to reduce puffiness.

  • Caffeine & Green Coffee Extract – minimise the appearance of under-eye bags. Green Coffee Extract also features moisturising, anti-aging and brightening properties.

  • Perfect Prime Complex – consists of light scattering diamond powder and mattifying elastomers diffuse the look of imperfections and create a smooth finish. Subtle universal tint blends into all skin tones.

This product can be used on its own as an eye cream or as a primer under makeup.

Result: This product has a light tint that instantly blends into the skin. Once absorbed it leave the skin with a silky finish when you touch it. On the skin, it’s virtually undetectable. I did notice a reduction in darkness with this product making the eye area instantly radiant. When used with a concealer the results are event better reducing darkness significantly. It also allows the concealer to glide on and blend nicely without leaving the skin dry or uneven Using this product for a few days consecutively I did notice a reduction in darkness and a brighter eye area. While I don’t suffer from very dark circles, those who do may have to use it a little longer to notice results. This product is a great little corrector when the eyes are in need of a refresh.

Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die for Darkness-Reducing Under Eye Treatment AUD 50. Available from Sephora stores nationally and online.

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