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Custom Phone Case A Must!

Why choose a phone cover from a store when you can create something unique to you? My thoughts exactly! When it came time to pick up a new phone case, I designed my own online at the Tech 21 website. Why Tech 21? Well, I’m a huge fan of Tech 21 digital accessories particularly its phone covers. Not only are they built tough, but they’re also constructed of plant-based materials and feature antimicrobial protection for the germaphobes in today’s virally conscious world.

Designing your custom case is simple. Head over to the Tech 21 website and choose your device. You’ll be presented with a selection of cases which can be customised including Pure Tint, Pure Clear or Pure Shimmer. Once you choose your finish, add it to your cart and select the custom feature. From here, you’ll be taken to the online customisation tool which allows you to add text, browse a selection of artist prints or upload your photos. 

Tech 21 has also collaborated with a series of influencers including Sydney based tattoo artist Lauren Winzer. Lauren has created a series of designs based on some of her favourite tattoos and believes that one's phone is an extension of their body and the artwork on their phone should be something special. 

When it came to designing my case I chose the Pure Clear case which shows off my phone's Midnight Green Colour. The case also offers:

  • Drop Protection: Scientifically proven to protect drop after drop for heights up to 3 metres

  • Antimicrobial Protection: built in to reduce microbes up to 99.99%, helping keep my phone hygienically clean

  • Plant-Based: my case is 37% plant-based making it more sustainable than plastic

  • Self Healing Finish: Smooths over day-to-day scratches keeping my case looking newer, longer.

Tech 21 Pure Clear iPhone 11 Pro + Custom AUD 49.95

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