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Stay Active this Festive Season

Jaybird Wireless Sport Headones Gift Guide by Mr Neo Luxe

Know someone who leads an active lifestyle? We have just the gift to keep them moving and motivated year-round. Introducing the Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones designed to provide audio freedom with exceptional sound and great value.

The Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones are built tough and offer an IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof construction for reliable performance in the worst weather and workout conditions. They also offer a battery life of up to six hours allowing you to workout, commute to the office and even listen throughout the day without having to recharge.

One of the most important features, in my opinion, is the fit - there’s nothing worse than trying to work out and your earphones dislodging themselves. The Tarah Headphones come equipped with silicone ear gels in three sizes allowing for the right reducing movement. They also come equipped with a speed cinch reducing the likelihood of the cord being pulled or damaged during a workout.

Other features include:

App: New features have been added to the Jaybird app allowing for further functionality. You can still create customised EQs or browse existing profiles for optimal sound quality; however, new features such as Spotify integration and bud locators have also been added.

Calls & Music: Directly from your headphones you’re able to answer calls and control your music which means you’re not interrupted or stopped during your workout.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport headphones are available online from the Jaybird website along with selected JB Hi-Fi stores.

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