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Man, He's Gonna Love these Socks Come Christmas!

Christmas Gift Guide Mr Neo Luxe

Struggling for a gift idea for the gent who has it all? Well, if this man in your life enjoys looking his finest or has a 9 to 5 which requires him to look dapper, a set of Egyptian cotton socks from Manrags should be at the top of your list.

Pictured is the Animal Sock Gift Set featuring six pairs of animal print socks for the guy who doesn’t take life too seriously. The set includes everything from camel to parrot prints in vibrant colors to ensure a statement is made whenever a pair is slipped on. Manrags also features the world’s first Washing Machine Monster Policy – if he loses a sock to the washer or dryer (or new puppy) then the brand replace it free of charge!

For those in search of a sustainable gift idea, you'll be pleased to know Manrags is the world’s first circular sock brand which means that they take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their socks, and they’ve recently invited consumers to send them their old, worn socks for recycling. They’ve already received over 200,000 old socks from all over Australia (diverting 4 and a half tonnes of socks from landfill) and the socks will be upcycled into other garments.

Along with the above gift set you can also purchase a $2 biodegradable satchel from Manrags which can be filled with old socks and returned to Manrags, and for doing so, they’ll reward you with a $20 credit to freshen up your sock drawer.

Manrags Animal Print Gift set 70 AUD. Available online from the Manrags website.

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