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Custom Skincare Delivered this Christmas

Mr Neo Luxe Clinique iD Christmas Gift Guide

This festive season give the gift of beautiful skin with a customised moisturizer by Clinique. When it comes to skincare everyone’s skin and concerns are different so there’s no such thing as a’ one size fits all approach’. Knowing this, Clinique has developed Clinique ID, a system allowing you to create a custom blend hydrator to meet your needs. Best of all, it’s really simple and can be done online or at your nearest Clinique skincare counter in three simple steps:

  1. Choose the base moisturizer to match your skin type. Available options include Dramatically Different™Moisturising Lotion +, Oil Control or Hydrating jelly

  2. Pick your active cartridge concentrate. There are 5 concerns to choose from including Lines & Wrinkles, Fatigue, Uneven Skin Tone, Pores & Uneven Texture and irritation.

  3. From here remove the moisturizer cap, remove the active cartridge concentrate from its packaging and simply screw it into the moisturizer bottle. You’re all set!

Clinique ID delivers optimized results with every pump by freshly combining the precise dose of concentrate and base. If you’re unsure what the best blend might be for you or your friend, visit the online Clinical Reality tool which will provide an analysis of your skin and match it to the corresponding Clinique ID products.

Pictured is my unique blend which features the Oil Control Moisturizer (because we’re going into summer) and the Lines & Wrinkles Cartridge Concentrate which is said to smooth lines and re-plump skin. It’s never too early to start your anti-aging routine I say!

Clinique ID Custom Moisturiser (Moisturiser + Cartidge Concentrate) AUD 65. Available from Clinique online or your nearest skincare counter.

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