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Rose to Remember

Calabria Family Wines Pierre D'Amour

When it comes to rose I’m not going to lie, I’m on the fence. I’ve had some fabulous drops and others that I just didn’t care for. One thing’s for certain when I find one I love I just can’t get enough, and that’s exactly how I feel about Pierre D’Amour Rose by Calabria Family Wines.

This crisp, vibrant and easy drinking wine bursts with flavours of alluring fresh red berries, followed by classic savoury notes and a refreshing finish. Pierre D’Amour Rose receives its lush flavours from the winemaking process. The fruits are delivered to the winery where they’re immediately crushed and pressed. The juice is then clarified and fermented in stainless steel to capture the fruit flavours. The juice does not come into contact with any oak and is then stabilised and clarified immediately to further preserve the fruit flavours;

Combining Aglianico, Shiraz and Negroamaro grapes, the wine itself has a beautiful blush tone. On the nose, aromas of rose petals, fairy floss and musk delight the senses. The bottle itself is also incredibly eye-catching and is styled with a Rose Quartz Crystal which represents ‘the stone of love’ the direct translation of Pierre D’Amour.

Fun Fact: Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing, love, clarity and calmness.

I enjoyed this drop on a sunny afternoon while entertaining friends on my back deck. It pairs nicely with fresh salads, fish and spicy cuisines such as Thai. I found it also worked well with a piece of sharp cheddar cheese.

Calabria Family Wines Pierre D’Amour AUD $19.95. Available online from Calabria Family Wines and leading liquor merchants nationally.

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