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Tasty Tipples from Tassie

Winemaking Tasmania by Mr Neo Luxe

Is there anything better than enjoying a chilled cider in the warm autumn sun? That’s exactly how I’m spending my Saturday afternoon with these two tipples by Winemaking Tasmania. Known for some of Tasmania’s finest wines and ciders, Winemaking Tasmania utilises its own grown produce from vineyards and orchards and puts taste at the forefront of each creation and each drop represents the Provence from where its fruits are sourced.

These are the two creations I’m sipping on this afternoon:

Blushing Lady Sparkling Fruit Fusion: This interesting creation is a cross between a wine and cider and has been created using Tasmanian apples, cherries and pinot noir grapes. The fruits are then pressed, fermented and lightly carbonated. The end result is sparkling fruit fusion which is easy to drink. Blushing Lady Sparkling Fruit fusion features aromas of cherries with a hint of spice, while on the palate flavours of cherry, dark spice, and crisp apple dance on the tongue.

Black Devil Cider: Crafted and made from 100% fresh Tasmanian hand-picked apples, this beautifully balanced cider reserves the crisp, fresh taste Tassie apples are renowned for. This cider features aromas of bright fruit notes, clean, balanced apples, vanilla and orange blossom, on the palate it’s crisp with a dry clean finish.

Blushing Lady Sparkling Fruit Fusion & Black Devil Cider 6.99 AUD or 24.95 for a four pack. Available from selected Dan Murphy’s stores nationally.

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