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There's a New Hunk in Town

Funky Hunks Skincare by Funky Trunks reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

There’s a new Hunk in Men’s grooming and it’s been developed down under and has you covered from head to toe. Introducing Funky Hunks skincare by Funky Trunks. The iconic and ‘Way Funky’ Australian swimwear brand has expanded its offering to now cater to gents skin. The collection of grooming products is 100% Australian made, 100% vegan and is free from nasty’s such as synthetic, artificial or formaldehyde causing agents.

The Funky Hunks Skincare Collection features:

Coconut & Avocado Tank Wash Hunk Shower Gel – Sounds good enough to eat but will do wonders for the skin. Formulated to overpower the worst smells, it leaves skin feeling clean and smelling like a coconut.

Kakadu Plum & Coconut Guns Out Face & Body Cream – Packed with powerful Kakadu Plum known for its antioxidant properties, a blend of herbs and tropical ingredients, this powerful moisturiser will do wonders for the face and body.

Aloe Vera You Brute After Shave Lotion – This post-shave lotion will calm the skin, nourish and cleanse pores. It’s formulated with 100% natural ingredients and features no added alcohol meaning you won’t experience the aftershave burn!

Treat your skin with the Total Hunk Workout pack featuring all three signature products housed in a Hunked Up Wash Bag. Total Hunk Workout Pack AUD 46.95. Available now from the Funky Trunks online.

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