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Runway Inspired Hair, a Teaze for the Season!

Mr Neo Luxe Christmas Gifts 2018 htz Hot Teaze

Let's face it, we’re not short of a social gathering during the festive season and a bad hair day is just not on the cards. This season keep the lady in your life's hair looking on point with the award-winning htz Hot Teaze styler. Gone are the days when dead straight hair was the trend, right now it’s all about volume, shape and height.

Winning a Good Design Selection award in 2017, the revolutionary htz Hot Tease shaping tool is easy to use and can add volume to thin hair and give those unruly thick mains long-lasting shape.

htz Hot Teaze hair styler

This extraordinary tool will have hair enthusiasts in awe with it’s incredible ability to:

  • Add Volume so hair appears fuller and thicker. This is achieved using its patented texturising plates

  • Lifts long, silky or heavy hair by adding bounce Enhances thick, layered or short hair to achieve instant shape

  • Eliminates need to backcomb making knots and tangles a thing of the past

  • Lifts hair from scalp reducing oil build up

  • Allows total control with adjustable heat settings so you don’t damage hair.

The htz Hot Tease is the perfect gift for any woman in life from your partner, mother or even your bestie. It’s the gift which will keep giving this festive season with runway-inspired looks that will have friends, colleagues and passers-by asking who created that look? Htz Hot Tease AUD 249. Available online from HTZ Hair and selected salons. Locate your nearest stockist here.

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