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Review: Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 review by Mr Neo Luxe

Housework, have you met anyone who really enjoys it? I know I don’t. Being a pet owner with two dogs and a cat, this means I’m regularly vacuuming up animal hair and mopping the floors to ensure my home looks its best at all times. While robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t necessarily new to the market, over the years the technology has significantly improved and brands such as Ecovacs have introduced robotic devices which not only demolish debris from floors but also mop ensuring your carpets and floors appear pristine at all times.

I decided to put the Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 900 to the test which vacuums, sweeps and mops all in one stylish and clever device. The OZMO 900 also features the company’s signature Smart Navi 3.0 navigation and mapping technology which scans the home and creates a visual map (floorplan) in the Ecovacs Home App. Once the visual floorplan is created the OZMO 900 will then map out an efficient cleaning path, steering clear from obstacles such as your furniture. You’ll also be thrilled to know the robot uses anti-collision sensors to keep your walls and furniture safe from marks and scuffs which was a huge selling point for me!

Getting Started

The DEEBOT OZMO 900 is quick and easy to set up. Remove it from the box, attach the two side brushes, plug in the wall charger and install the Ecovacs Home App. Once complete you can get the cleaning underway. From the first use, the OZMO 900 will begin creating a floorplan mapping its cleaning path and marking your furniture locations.

Vacuum, Sweep or Mop

This intelligent device does all three. It features an interchangeable and tangle free inlet system with attachments designed to collect hairs without tangling or causing blockage, while the Main brush provides a thorough clean on carpets. I’ve been trialling the Direct Suction Option on my floorboards and rugs as this is specifically designed to pick up hair including animal hair and is the recommended option for pet owners. The DEEBOT OZMO 900 also features Auto-Boost suction power technology allowing it to auto-increase its suction when cleaning carpets. From the Ecovacs app, you can also adjust the suction power of the device including activating the Max Mode cleaning function which increases suction power by up to two times which works on both hard surfaces and carpets.

If you want to use the mopping function this is controlled via the Ecovacs app. If you’re like me and have rugs in your home, you will need to highlight these on your floorplan and exclude them by creating virtual boundaries. The virtual boundaries feature allows you to create exclusions zones as to where you would like your device to avoid. For me, I avoid my bathrooms and areas of my home which include cables or areas where the device has been stuck in the past.

Get Cleaning

The DEEBOT OZMO 900 has a working time of 110 minutes – just shy of two hours. Once the battery runs low the device automatically returns to its charging station making it super convenient. Realistically the only time you will need to touch your device is to empty the dustbin or refill the mopping system.

Once the battery runs low the device automatically returns to its charging station making it super convenient

A few of the features I enjoy about this product include:

  • Scheduled Cleaning – allows you to create a cleaning schedule, for example, My OZMO 900 activates at 9 am on weekdays cleaning my home while I’m at work for minimal disruptions

  • Prioritise Your Cleaning – The Ecovacs map automatically divides your home into a series of optimal cleaning areas allowing you to prioritize the spaces of your home you want to be cleaned first. For me, it’s high traffic areas which my guests see first.

  • Push Notifications – While you’re away from home, your device sends you notifications via the Ecovacs app letting you know cleaning has been completed, whether the device power is low or if you’re DEEBOT has encountered any problems during the cleaning process. You can also track its progress in real time by logging into the app from anywhere in the world.

  • Smart Home Compatible – the DEEBOT OZMO 900 is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo allowing you to begin vacuuming or mopping with a simple voice command. I use this feature regularly while sitting on the couch. All I do is say “Hey Google, start vacuuming’ and the Deebot is on its way. The DEEBOT OZMO 900 also talks to you while it’s performing any function such as “I’m beginning to clean’ or ‘I’m returning to my charging station’ which is a super handy feature allowing you to know what your device is doing at all times.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 review by Mr Neo Luxe

Create a cleaning schedule, for example, My OZMO 900 activates at 9 am on weekdays cleaning my home while I’m at work for minimal disruptions. Image courtesy of Ecovacs website.

Should I get one?

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 review by Mr Neo Luxe

I’ve been trialling the DEEBOT OZMO 900 for the last week and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by its power and clever technology. I’m fascinated with each use how much animal hair, dust and dirt it collects from around my home which most of the time isn’t even visible. The OZMO 900 also navigates nicely avoiding obstructions, climbing over rugs with ease, and crawling under furniture which usually isn’t easy to reach with a regular vacuum.

On a few occasions, the device has become tangled in cables around my home and will likely happen to most users during the initial use. An easy fix for this is to set up a virtual boundary via the app to avoid this happening in the future. The device also marks the area as an obstruction avoiding it during future operations.

While the OZMO 900 does feature incredible suction power, it is a little bit on the louder side; however, not as loud as a regular vacuum. To overcome this, I schedule or start my cleaning while I’m away from home avoiding the noise and ensuring I always walk on clean floors when I get home.

I was a little concerned initially with this device and whether my dogs would chase it around the house as their known to be quite inquisitive. To my surprise, they were intrigued by the first use and now ignore it while it’s doing its thing.

My home is a single story and find the device cleans the property thoroughly. I focus the cleaning on high traffic areas of my home such as my living, dining and kitchen as these spaces are always on show to my guests and are the areas my pets spend most of their time. For a 3 bedroom home, I found the battery life of the device to be sufficient when the OZMO 900 wasn’t in Max mode. Even in a regular cleaning mode the suction is superb and would only recommend using Max Mode for pet owners who have mainly carpet throughout their home – regular suction is more than sufficient on hardwood floors.

Okay, so I’m going to admit I’ve always been a sceptic of robotic vacuum devices and questioned how effective they were, and if anyone actually needed one. After a few days of using the OZMO 900, I was quickly converted. After seeing how powerful and efficient the device is at cleaning and how much it collects from around my home I was left wondering why it took me so long to get one. The OZMO 900 keeps my floors looking their best between my fortnightly cleaner visits and is a pleasure to use. The DEEBOT OZMO 900 has changed my entire perception of robot vacuum cleaners and turned cleaning into an enjoyable and convenient task for me. I’d recommend this device to anyone who is a clean freak, time-poor or enjoys convenience – don’t we all?

Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 900 AUD $999. Available from selected Harvey Norman & Bing Lee stores nationally along with Appliances Online and leading electronic retailers

For a limited time, the Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 900 will also be available from selected Australian Costco stores including Docklands from October 3rd to 14th for a special members price.

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