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Molton Brown's Winter Warmer

Molton Brown Russian Leather Candle reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

Winter may be drawing to a close but the temperature is yet to rise. During the cooler months of the year, I enjoy nothing more than burning woody scents in my home which add a depth of refinement, warmth and create a cosy atmosphere. This season I cannot get enough of Molton Brown’s Russian Leather Single Wick Candle which blends freshness with smoky woody accords to create a captivating fragrance ideal for winter.

This dark and enigmatic scent has been inspired by the outdoors taking inspiration from the woody scents of the forest combined with the crackling of a campfire. This luxurious scent opens with notes of elemi, black tea and purple basil. In this combination, the black tea shines through giving this scent a nice freshness. Notes of Siberian pine, tobacco and birch follow giving this scent a dry smoky sensation. At its base, vetiver, leather and cade combine to create a lingering refinement and give this scent its leathery finish. The candle is housed in a frosted holder which is a deep emerald green which illuminates while burning. The fragrance received its name from Russian Leather which historically is regarded as the world’s finest leather because of its rich scent and unsurpassed durability.

I recommend burning this candle in the evening during a dinner party or while you’re wrapped in a blanket enjoying a night in. Due to its use of warm notes, I would suggest burning this candle during the cooler months of the year. I would classify this fragrance to be quite intense and works well in larger spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms where it easily fills the space. I would recommend this fragrance for anyone who enjoys rich and complex woody scents, the scent is also quite masculine and would make a great gift idea for the sophisticated gentleman in your life.

Molton Brown Russian Leather Single Wick Candle RRP 60 AUD. Available online from Molton Brown and selected David Jones stores nationally.

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