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Review: Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid isn’t a new ingredient in skincare by no means and chances are you’ve used a product heralding this miracle ingredient. Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin and is known for its anti-ageing properties and potent antioxidant qualities. A few of the benefits of Vitamin C include clearer skin tone, significant improvements in hydration and keeps skin looking younger for longer. In higher concentrations, this super-star vitamin can improve skins firmness, uneven skin tone and can also help the skin’s surface defend itself from external stressors such as exposure to the elements.

For the last few months, I’ve been trialling a product by Skinstitut called Vitamin C 100% and noticed dramatic changes in my skin within the first few days.

Name: Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

What it does: This powder features L-Ascorbic Acid at 100% purity and 100% concentration making it highly potent. Recommended for all skin types this product works to protect skin against free radical damage, assist with collagen production, improves skins firmness, colour, radiance and tone.

Results: I used this product morning and night and noticed results almost instantly. My skin appeared brighter and my skin tone was more refined with a reduction in redness. With continued use I noticed my skin tone improving each day with more permanent results. Apart from the redness, my skin appeared well-hydrated and firm. I was using this product in conjunction with Skinstitut Moisture Defence for Normal Skin. I really enjoy this product for its instant benefits and would recommend anyone with uneven skin tone to give it a try and anyone concerned with ageing. The best thing about this product is it can be blended with your existing skincare – mix it in with your favourite moisturiser. It also lasts for ages making it exceptional value for money – I’m a fan in case you didn’t notice.

How to use: Apply twice daily on clean, dry skin. Mix one tiny shake of powder, a grain of rice amount with your favourite Skinstitut product. Wash hands after application.

Price: Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% RRP $49

Where to buy: Skinstitut products are available from professional skin care salons nationwide. Visit the Skinstitut store locator to find your nearest stockists.

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