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Review: Michael Kors Extreme Speed

Michael Kors Extreme Speed reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

The latest fragrance by Michael Kors will transport its wearer to yesteryear when the scents were masculine, refreshing and featured a good hit of spice… with a modern twist of course! Extreme Speed is the newest fragrance in the men’s collection and let me say It impressed me with its distinctive blend of aromatics, spices and woods. This scent is for the gentleman who is confident and makes bold style choices.

Name: Michael Kors Extreme Speed

Fragrance notes: cardamom, cypress, sage, cinnamon, violet wood, cedarwood, patchouli and tolu balm

Described as: stylish with an explosive energy. The scent opens with a blend of coriander and spices which have been layered with distinctive woods and classic patchouli which give this scent it’s modern masculinity. What makes this fragrance so intriguing are the facets of spice, wood and warmth which combine to create a scent which is unique and attention-grabbing.

Wear it: During Autumn and Winter either day or night. The scent suits occasions which are slightly more dressed up such as corporate working life or an evening affair such as drinks or dinner at a swanky city nightspot.

Price: Michael Kors Extreme Speed 120ml Eau De Toilette $125. Available online and in-store at selected Myer and David Jones retailer.

The verdict: Extreme Speed really excites me because I haven’t experienced anything like it in quite some time. It packs a punch of spice without being overbearing, the woody accords provide a nice warmth and the aromatics just take it to the next level. It has a nice familiarity to it like fragrances my grandfather used to wear while I was growing up, but a modern adaptation with a subtle nod to the masculine scents of yesteryear.

If you’re searching for a fragrance which stands out, is modern and refined, then you can’t go past this scent when you’re next in your local department store.

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