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Southern Goes Black to Up its Game

While I wouldn’t consider myself a big whisky drinker (slowly adjusting my palate), there is one spirit  I will also say yes to and that’s Southern Comfort. Whether its on the rocks or mixed with Coke, the refreshing drop is smooth to drink and has a nice sweetness to it without the burn you get from a regular whisky. 

What you may not know is that whisky consumption is Australia is on the rise, and this once spirit sometimes considered for a more mature demographic seems to be in vogue. To dial up its authentic Whisky story, Southern Comfort has released a new gem in its collection, Southern Comfort Black. Featuring a robust whisky-profile, with subtle spice and fruit accents that take the original Southern Comfort experience up a notch, this blend has been created for the whisky drinkers who enjoy an extra smooth and extra bold drop – that’s me!

In keeping with the brands 140-year heritage, Southern Comfort Black is blended in the world’s most awarded distillery Buffalo Trace in Kentucky of course! Blended by Drew Mayville, Black has been developed from a propriatery blend of whisky sourced from Sazerac’s – one of the oldest family owned, privately held distillers – to create a robust whisky profile with subtle spice and fruit accents designed to make the taste of whisky approachable. This is a similar concept when M.W Heron created Southern Comfort back in 1874.

So what’s it like you ask? On the nose Southern Comfort Black presents spicy and sweet caramel with hints of cinnamon, whisky, spice and cereal sweetness. You still get the lovely Southern Comfort scent; however, you can really smell the whisky. On the palette its sweet, mellow and spicy with a hint of whisky. Brown sugar, toffee sweet oak, vanilla spices and whisky cues is how it’s described. The finish has a good length with sweet spices, cinammins gum, Whisky and toffee.  I enjoyed Southern Comfort Black on the rocks and can also be consumed neat or in a classic cocktail such as an Old Fashioned or a Whisky Mule.

Southern Comfort Black 700ml bottle RRP 54 AUD. Black is also available in a ready to drink edition and both are available from Dan Murphy’s stores nationally.

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