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Skincare Quickie with Biologi

Mr Neo Luxe chats to the founder of Biologi

Natural skincare products aren’t new to the market but how many of them actually deliver results? Byron Bay brand Biologi founded by Ross Macdougald an experienced chemist, features the worlds first 100% active ingredient. So what does this mean to your skin? I sat down with Ross Macdougald and Lucy Kuper, Biologi’s Product Development Manager & Educator to find out how the brand differs from other natural products and why it promises to deliver results.

For anyone who’s not heard about Biologi how does the brand differ from other natural skincare brands?

Ross: Biologi is not like any other skin care brand in the world. It is not diluted with water, is 100% active and only has one single ingredient. This ingredient is 100% organic and pure plant extract. It delivers pure phyto actives from the plant such as Vitamin C.

It works with results within days and will not cause skin sensitivity but reduce or eliminate skin problems caused by ingredients in other skincare products such as fragrances, preservatives and synthetic additive

At the moment there are only three products in the range, can these be used on any skin type and concern?

Lucy: All of our serums are suitable for any skin type and concern. The serums are so highly active that their phytonutrients will rapidly repair any damage to the skin and start working on other concerns such as excess oil and pigmentation/ redness.

The serums should be used in conjunction with one another to target the skin but each one is also designed for specific skin concerns. For example the Bd serum has a lower pH which makes it ideal for a problematic skin type as the lower pH helps to control oil flow and exfoliate. The Bf serum is very hydrating and it contains an ammino acid called tryptophan which makes this product perfect for an overly sensitised skin that needs hydration and to repair the barrier function.

Are there any plans in the near future to release moisturisers and cleansers to complement the existing range?

Ross: The Biologi serums are so intensely hydrating that they remove the need for a moisturiser to be used in conjunction with them.

Biologi has made a conscious effort to develop 100% active, plant-based products. Unfortunately, most cleansers require synthetic ingredients to make them work. The addition of surfactants is required, along with fragrances to cover the smell of the surfactant so we will not be creating either a moisturiser or cleanser for the range however we do have some very new and exciting products ready to launch shortly.

I regularly use and eye cream but have not had much contact with an eye serum. How does a serum differ from a cream and how should I use it?

Ross: The Biologi eye serum is 100% Kakadu plum extract so its 100% active with no additives, synthetics, preservatives or water. This serum should be applied in the same way you would do with an eye cream.

Most creams are water based with a majority of them being over 80% water. Other synthetic ingredients such as silicones maybe added to give a smoothness to the skin. A preservative is added along with a fragrance. Usually the final ingredients on the ingredient list down are the active botanical extracts.

Emulsified products (water and oil combined together with a synthetic emulsifier) often ensure that the emulsifier in them is so good at binding all the ingredients together that when applied to the skin to they are unable to deliver the actives and release them in the skin.

What’s your favourite product in the range and why?

Lucy: The Bk eye serum is by far my favourite. Not only is it the only natural Vitamin C product in the world, it also has the highest percentage. If you apply it to the whole face at night and then have a look in the mirror the next morning you notice a glow to skin. It works at improving fine lines around the eye area and is a must for people concerned with pigmentation.

Biologi products are available the Biologi website along with a selection of national stockists.

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