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Wines to Make Seafood Sing this Easter

Wines to pair with seafood by Mr Neo Luxe

With the Easter long weekend just days away, chances are you’ll be celebrating this holiday with family and friends. Traditionally fish is the protein to consume on Good Friday, but living in Australia we're spoiled with delicious seafood, so its likely to pop up on a menu this weekend. Whether you’re visiting family or hosting a feast at your place, here are a few wines to get your hands on this weekend which pair perfectly with seafood.

Isabelle Estate Pinot Gris

Combining delicious aromas or red-apple and quince with notes of pear, nectarine and baked apple tart, this wine pairs beautifully with spicy foods such as the zing of Thai green fish curry. This Pinot Gris is delicate, light and a crowd pleaser. Sauvignon Blanc lovers will also appreciate this drop. Isabelle Estate Pinot Gris AUD 29. Available from Dan Murphy’s & BWS.

Casillero Del Diablo Chardonnay

Aged in French oak barrels this chardonnay features all the characteristics enthusiasts come to expect from the timeless style. On the palate, this medium-bodied wine features hints of white peach and touches of hazelnut. Pair this wine with fresh salmon fishcakes. Casillero Del Diablo Chardonnay AUD 13.99. Available from Dan Murphy’s.

Francois Martenot Grand Pres Macon-Villages Chardonnay from Burgundy, France

Treat the nose to aromas of white rose, fresh citrus fruits and acacia. This expressive wine features a fruit dominance and an excellent acidic balance which will surprise even the most discerning drinkers. This wine pairs nicely with rich dishes due to its acidity such as a fresh seafood pasta with a creamy sauce. Francois Martenot Grand Pres Macon-Villages Chardonnay AUD 19.99, available from Dan Murphy’s.

Bailey & Bailey Venture Series Riesling

This refreshing and crisp wine is well-balanced with a bouquet of citrus and floral notes. Bailey & Baily’s Venture Series Riesling recognises the work of the winemakers from Australia’s Clare Valley region and shines with its bright and zesty flavours. Pair this wine with something light such as a Vietnamese prawn & rice noodle salad. Bailey & Bailey Venture Series Riesling AUD 10.99, available from Dan Murphy’s.

Craftsman Style Series Chardonnay

Craftsman’s Smooth and Buttery Chardonnay is just that. It presents a refined creaminess and clean oak characters. It’s nicely balanced and has subtle, yet fresh acidity and pairs nicely with a lively and elegant tuna Nicoise salad, allowing the delicate tuna to remain the hero of the dish. Craftsman Style Series Chardonnay AUD 15, Available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

Cat Amongst the Pigeons Eden Valley Chardonnay

If you’re not a huge oak fan this drop might just be for you. This Chardonnay features subtle flavours of oak which finishes fresh and crisp on the palette. The wines crisp acidity cuts through richer dishes and would pair nicely with a luxurious crab and prawn ravioli in seafood bisque sauce. Cat Amongst the Pigeons Eden Valley Chardonnay AUD 20. Available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

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