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A New Chapter: Creating Our Dream Home

Home Rennovation with Mr Neo Luxe

The year was 2013 and my partner and I decided after four years of coming and going to each other’s homes, it was probably time to shack up together. We found a house we could both agree on in which we saw potential. Before moving in, we did do a 'little' renovation to make it our own. This included mainly cosmetic changes like painting, installing a new kitchen, minor adjustments to walls to improve living room layout and custom cabinetry. Oh did I mention ducted air conditioning, upgrading outdoor tiles, external shutters, wallpapering and styling?

After four years in our beloved duplex, times had changed. Into our lives came our two Frenchies Marcel and Celine who we love dearly. Our home was set over three levels and to gain access to the backyard from our living/dining and kitchen you had to walk up a flight of stairs then down five flights to access the garden to let the dogs in or out. To add to the punishment, we also had a beautifully landscaped garden which is fantastic for entertaining, except when you needed to get food to and from the kitchen or when you forgot the tongs upstairs. You could say it was quite the workout! Let’s just say the novelty of entertaining outdoors wore thin pretty quickly. The result, a garden we maintained which we never used, the hassle of walking our dogs up and down five flights of stairs four times daily (which wasn't suitable for their spines) and two bedrooms and a living room in the lower end of the home which was never utilised. It became apparent that our four bedroom, three bathroom duplex was no longer compatible with our lifestyle.

Images courtesy of Raine & Horne Bardwell Park

While we loved our home, the suburb and it’s accessibility to public transport, cafes and shops, we decided to list the property. Fast forward three weeks later (thanks Raine & Horne Bardwell Park), we had a sold sticker on our signboard and were ready to begin making offers at auction for our dream home. In our minds, we knew what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend. After missing out on two move-in ready properties at auction, we thought to ourselves ‘why are we paying for someone else’s renovation?’ While these properties were move-in ready, there are always going to be elements which just don’t suit our needs. I must admit it's crazy how many things you’re able to overlook when you’re at an auction and in the moment. It was here we decided to purchase a fixer-upper. Now let me be clear, we inspected a property and could see a great deal of potential. We had experience in smaller scale renovations such as redoing a kitchen and moving walls, so we decided to take on the challenge and transform an underwhelming weatherboard home in one of the suburbs best streets into our luxurious dream home.

Over the coming months, I’ll be documenting our journey in transforming our home from drab to fab and the services, errors and learnings we made along the way. I can’t wait to share the result and fingers crossed we turn our dream into a reality. It begins now!

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