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Review: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Logitech K380 Multi-device keyboard

Responding to emails on your smartphone or tablet can at times be bothersome, especially if you have a lot to say. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of desktop typing with the Logitech K380 Multi-device wireless keyboard that connects to all Bluetooth devices that support external keyboards.

The Logitech K380 is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth keyboard which can be taken anywhere in your home allowing you to type from any computer, phone or tablet. It can connect to up three devices simultaneously such as a windows computer, iPhone and Android tablet, allowing you to switch between devices quickly, with the push of a button. The K380 is also an excellent choice for those who travel for work regularly as its neat design can comfortably fit into a work bag or laptop case.

I have been using a Logitech Multi-device wireless keyboard for about a year now and enjoy the multitasking capabilities it offers. I often find myself writing a blog post or an email and then switching to my phone to send a text. It’s super handy when you’re typing up your Instagram posts (hint hint!).

Other great features include:

• Universal Keyboard – this intuitive keyboard recognises your device and automatically maps keys to give you a familiar layout with your favourite shortcuts. No matter if you’re using an Apple or Windows computer, the keyboard will automatically send the correct key codes so you can use all your favourite shortcuts.

• Battery Life – Brace yourself, this product boasts an extraordinary two-year battery life.

Operated using 3 AAA batteries which are pre-installed, you won’t have to worry about changing them for years to come – you may even forget it’s battery operated.

What I enjoy about this product is its size and weight. It’s light enough to travel with you especially when you’re away from the office. I would recommend this keyboard anyone who regularly visits clients and spends time in the field. It’s also great for the jet-setters amongst us, allowing you to work from virtually anywhere.

Logitech K380 Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard AUD 69.95. Available online from Logitech and leading electronic retailers nationally.

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