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Review: Jaybird Freedom 2 Sports Headphones

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Jaybird Freedom 2 Sports Headphones

Can you imagine working out with no music? Would you be as motivated and would you continue to push yourself? I know I wouldn’t. Music is a huge part of my daily life not only my gym life and a day without it sends me into a bit of a spin. You could say it’s a necessity.

About a year ago I wrote about my daily use headphones the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds which are sweat proof, offer incredible sound and a comfortable fit. Jaybird has recently introduced the Freedom 2 wireless buds which provide the same sound quality with a few design adjustments making these earbuds even better than before.

The main difference between the Jaybird Freedom and Jaybird Freedom 2 Sports headphones are the Secure + Comfort-Fit tip/fins that sit nicely in the ear. The designed has been improved allowing for exceptional comfort, and a tighter fit which I found create suction and enhances sound quality. The tighter fit also ensures the buds are secure and won’t come out while you’re working out. Another new addition is the Speedfit integrated cord management system which allows the resizing of the cord without additional attachments.

Mr Neo Luxe Jaybird Freedom 2 review

Other great features include:

  • Battery Life: this product offers up to 8 hours of battery life in your pocket. Four hours stored on the earbuds and an additional four on the portable charging clip. A great feature is you can recharge the buds on the go by just attaching the clip. This comes in handy for longer trips or when you forget to charge your buds which is a common occurrence for me.

  • Sweat Proof & Water Resistant: Whether you’re running in rain, snow or mud these resilient buds can keep up. There’s also no need to worry that sweat will ruin these little beauties either.

  • Customisable Sound: Get the ultimate listening experience when you download the Jaybird App available for ios and Android. The app allows you to create your sound profile or browse existing profiles to create your personalised listening experience. Pump up the bass or crank the treble it’s your call!

  • Button Controls: Turn up the volume, skip a track or answer a call. For added convenience, all these functions can be carried out directly from the button controls on your buds.

The verdict: Let me begin by saying the improvements to this product are fantastic and make a world of difference to the Jaybird Freedom 2 Sports headphones. Initially, I was a little disappointed that this product didn’t feature a selection of rubber and memory foams tips and that the fins couldn’t be removed. When I used the buds, I realised that the fit was perfect and the sound quality was improved, the look of the fins didn't bother me. The Speedfit feature is also an excellent addition which allows you to adjust the length of the cable, so it doesn’t get caught or bounce around while you’re working out.

Regarding battery life, this is identical to the originals, and I don’t believe any advancements have been made to the actual internal speakers either; however, the new tips significantly improve the sound quality and loudness. That being said the price point is in-line with the original Jaybird Freedom price which makes this product even more value.

Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Sports Headphones 229 AUD. Available online from the Jaybird website along with selected retailers nationally.

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