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What's Sippin' this Summer?

Summer Sippers Mr Neo Luxe

What’s your drink of choice during summer? For me, I find myself reaching for an ice-cold beer or cider. Whether I’m spending time outdoors, at a barbecue or kicking back on the couch after a long day, to me, there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

This year I decided to branch out and try a selection of beer and ciders available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS which have been shortlisted as the best summer sippers. A short recipe book has also been compiled (available in stores) which features delicious recipes that incorporate the brew or cider of your choice to create the perfect summer dish.


Summer Sippers Mr Neo Luxe

John Boston Pale Ale – this light-bodied pale ale features subtle tropical fruit and grassy characteristics. It’s crisp, clean, and has a lingering finish which is refreshing and delicious.

Dos Equis Larger Especial – This golden lager is imported from Mexico and is made with roasted malts, choice hops, a unique strain of yeast and purified water. It’s refreshing, crisp and features a golden colour.

Chang Beer – This award-winning beer is a product of Thailand and is smooth, crisp, and you guessed it...refreshing. The success of this golden brew is said to be the time-honoured brewing process, and the selection of exquisite ingredients sourced from the deep-water wells of Thailand, and the premium yeast and hops used.

Beer Tip: Great from the bottle, even better in a glass. The correct beer pouring method can release flavours and aromas to showcase the real characteristics as well as keeping your drink cooler for longer. Tilt glass at 45 degree angle and pour beer in a fast and steady stream. Fill two-thirds of the glass and pause for 2 seconds and slowly level glass and continue pouring.


Goldstream Apple Cider – Produced in the Yarra Valley, this apple cider is wonderfully crisp. To produce this flavorsome taste, the brew is cool fermented and cold filtered delivering a clean and long finish.

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime – This Swedish cider blends the juice of fresh strawberries and limes with apple cider to deliver an intense fruity flavour with strawberry aromas. This cider is a must in summer!

Spring Cider Co Apple & Soda – This cider combines apple cider with soda water to create a super light, super tasty, super refreshing summer beverage. It’s also a low alcohol alternative to full strength cider and comes in at 2% ABV – that’s half a standard drink!

Cider tip: Ideally cider is served between 8-10 degrees celsius to allow the full flavour to come through. Try serving your cider in a wine glass which provides space for swirling to release the ciders aromatics. Add garnishes such as a slice of fruit like apple or berries to bring out the flavours of the cider.

The summer sippers range of beers and ciders available now from Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationally. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Summer Sippers Quintessential Guide in-stores now or download it here.

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