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Track it for Christmas!

Mr Neo Luxe TrackR Christmas Gift Guide

Let’s face it, no matter how organised you are; there are times when you merely misplace essential things such as your keys, wallet and maybe even your laptop. While some of us tend to lose items more than others, the next gift idea would suit many and is the gift that will save time and ensure the things you’re continually misplacing are located quickly and easily.

Introducing the TrackR Pixel and TrackR bravo Bluetooth tracking devices. While the thought is a tracking device may have you thinking of an aircraft flight recorder, these devices are slim and about the size of a 10 cent piece. Both devices feature a loud ringer and bright LED light to help you find anything you may have misplaced. So how do they work? Just attach one to your keys, inside your wallet or even on your laptop. The devices are locatable using the TrackR app which you can download to your ios or Andriod device. Utilising Bluetooth technology, you can make your device ring and flash, and it will also appear on a map inside the app for easy locating. If your device is outside of Bluetooth range, Crowd Locate will send you a private notification when a TrackR app user passes by your lost item.

  • TrackR Pixel: the smallest, lightest and brightest Bluetooth tracker featuring a loud ringer and LED lights allowing you to find anything even in the dark. This is great for locating items such as your phone, keys and wallet.

  • TrackR Bravo: is the slimmest, sleekest tracker with a loud ringer so you can locate your items quickly. This is an excellent solution for things such as suitcases, bags and more substantial items which require a tracker which is durable.

TrackR Pixel 39.99 AUD and TrackR Bravo 50.99 AUD. Available online from The TrackR, selected JB Hi-Fi stores and Amazon Australia.

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