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Track Luxury this Christmas for Men

Mr Neo Luxe Cross Peerless TrackR Christmas Gift

What do you buy a man who seems to have it all? A luxury item! You may choose to go with cuff links, a tie bar or even a money clip, but I think I’ve found the ultimate luxury items for the man who has it all. This Christmas treat this gent to a stunningly crafted fine pen that's almost impossible to lose – that’s right you read it correctly!

Introducing the Cross Peerless Track R Pen, the world’s first trackable pen! Designed for those who want to enjoy the luxury of a beautiful writing instrument without the worry of getting it lost, stolen or even left behind. Concealed within this pen is a tracking device that lets you keep tab of your pens whereabouts through a suite of tracking features. Just pair your Peerless pen to the TrackR app and utilising Bluetooth and Crowd Locate technology you’ll be able to see your pens current location. The feature also comes in handy when you can’t find your pen in your home or office. Simply open the app to locate it, the pen will begin to chime and flash until you’ve located it. This function also works in reverse allowing you to find your phone by pressing the small button on your pen.

Apart from it’s James Bond-like abilities, The Cross Peerless TrackR is part of the celebrated Peerless collection and features a stunning wide profile. Available in two colours, a robust black and an elegant cerulean blue, the Peerless TrackR has a comfortable balance to it and writes as beautifully as it looks.

Cross Peerless TrackR RRP AUD 399. Available online from BPM Cross along with selected Myer, David Jones and Officeworks stores. Locate your nearest retailer here.

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