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Get Movin’ This Christmas

Do you have a family member who can’t start the day without a run? Or it might be a friend who’s vowed to get their fitness in check in the New Year? If you answered yes to either of these questions, I have the gift idea that will be music to their ears. Introducing the Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones which have been designed and built by runners for runners, and are so light you’ll forget you have them on.

While I’m not a runner, I do own a pair of the original Jaybird Freedom headphones and I what I love about them is the compact size and incredible sound quality. While sound quality is different to each individual, with the Freedom 2 headphones you’re able to adjust your listening experience by using the Jaybird App. Pump up the bass, create your own sound profile for your buds and even share this with the Jaybird online community. Another feature I love is the charging clip which can be attached to the headphones when the battery is running low and recharges the bugs while you’re on the go. This feature is a godsend for me as I never remember to charge my devices.

Here are a few more impressive features:

Sweat Proof & Water Resistant – rain, snow or mud you’re covered. The buds are hydrophobic nano coated which means you’re protected from sweat and whatever else comes your way.

Battery life: Up to eight hours which includes 4 hours play time and an additional 4 hours on the charging clip

Comfy Fit: interchangeable tips/fins are included, so your buds fit perfectly with over or under ear options.

Speedfit: an integrated cord management system; allowing an easy switch from over-ear to an under-ear fit for easy access to the mic when a call comes in.

Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Sports Headphones are available online from the Jaybird website along with leading electronic retailers. RRP AUD 229. Available in carbon and gold.

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