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Micro Sized, Big Bose Sound!

Mr Neo Luxe reviews the Bose Soundlink Micro

Anyone who knows me will agree that I have a very low tolerance for poor sounding audio. Whether I’m listening to music, watching a movie or out at an event, I can usually pick up quickly if there’s an issue with sound quality and it drives me insane! Growing up, I was spoilt by crystal clear music and great sounding movies. My dad has a passion for music and when it came to choosing his amp and speakers he always told me Bose was the way to go. While dad’s speakers may have been stuck in the 70s (mind you he has them to this day), the sound quality is still impressive. 

It wasn’t until about five years ago when my obsession with Bose began when I received the original Bose SoundTouch for Christmas. Apart from its remarkable features at the time, the sound blew me away. Years on I can tell you I have two SoundTouch systems, a Lifestyle Surround System, a Soundlink Colour and two pairs of Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones – a pair for the plane and the other for daily use. You could say I’m a little infatuated and I agree – life’s too short to deal with poor quality audio!

In early September, Bose released a new portable speaker the SoundLink Micro measuring in at just 9.5cms wide and deep, 3.8cms high and weighing a mere 290 grams. Designed with young audiophiles in mind, the speaker features a sleek, waterproof design, offers up to six hours’ battery life and features custom designed speaker technology to deliver superior sound quality. 

Here’s what you need to know about the new Bose Soundlink Micro:


Bose engineered this product as a microsystem integrating a new custom transducer, miniature dual passive radiators, and lithium-ion battery all in one. The result, up to six hours of battery life, loud-and-clear audio and low bass. This product has a big sound for a product that fits into the palm of your hand. It needs to be heard to be believed.

Life Proof

Wherever life takes you the Micro is with you. Whether it’s an extreme heat climate or bitter cold, this product is designed to perform. Created waterproof from inside and out it can withstand soapy water, chlorinated water, and salt water. Its soft silicone exterior also protects from scratches and dents making it super resilient. The SoundLink Micro is also equipped with a durable strap which easily attaches to a backpack, bike, esky and other gear allowing you to take your music with you.


Similarly to Bose’s other portable products, the SoundLink Micro features voice prompts for Bluetooth pairing, integrated speakerphone, and a multi-purpose button to take calls, make them and access Siri or other VPA’s (Voice Personal Assistants) with one push. One of my favourite features is this product can be synced with other Soundlink products using the Bose Connect App. Simply choose Stereo Mode or Party Mode to get the tunes pumping. 

In all honesty, I’m pretty chuffed with this products ‘micro’ design, sound quality, battery life, and portability. I’ve had mine now for a few weeks and I’m yet to charge it. I take my speaker to the beach, picnics, my office and next week it’s coming with me on holiday. This product has really become apart of my life and mainly because of the sound quality and its size. The Bose SoundLink Micro is also competitively priced and is destined to give other portable Bluetooth speakers a run for their money. Next time you’re in store, I urge you have a play to experience this powerful little speaker for yourself. 

The Bose SoundLink Micro is available in three colours Black, Midnight Blue and Bright Orange. The portable Bluetooth speaker retails for AUD 169 and is available from Bose online and retail stores along with selected leading electronic retailers.

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