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Champagne! Music to my Ears.

Champagne Lanson Limited Edition Music Box review by Mr Neo Luxe

What does Champagne and music have in common? Apart from the fact that they can both be enjoyed, not a great deal of a lot until now. To celebrate the festive season, Champagne Lanson has created a limited edition Music Box gift set to house its iconic Lanson Black Label Brut NV – now that’s music to my ears!

Combining my love of champagne and music, the unique gifting case allows a smartphone to be docked in the top lip, enabling an amplified sound when music is played from the device, transforming the Lanson Music box into a makeshift speaker. The eye-catching packaging combines visual elements synonymous with the Champagne House including the Maltese cross and Illustrated instructions designed in the classic and sophisticated Black label colour palette. Whether you’re enjoying this champagne at a beach picnic, in your garden with a friend or a romantic evening with that someone special, rest assured your experience will be filled with ambiance and enjoyment.

If you need another reason to get your hands on this limited edition gift set, then this is it! For 257 years the house of Lanson and its expert winemakers have been crafting fine champagne using the traditional method. Passing down its long-standing traditions, the family-run champagne house ages all its wines for at least three years ensuring every bottle is aged gracefully showcasing its unique elegance. The aging process does pay off as every bottle is crisp, fresh and zesty with exceptional fruit purity. The Lanson Black Label NV Brut embodies the refined characteristics of the Lanson house style and is beautifully refreshing, and a must-have during summer.

The Champagne Lanson limited edition Music Box is sold as a gift set with the Lanson Black Label Brut NC and retails for $52.99. It’s available now from Dan Murphy’s stores nationally with a special promotional price of $40 AUD – get it quick!

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