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Review: Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

Ultimate hydration is important year-round! While keeping skin hydrated in winter seems like a given, many of us tend to drop the ball in spring and summer when it’s needed the most. Skin lacking optimal hydration produces more oil to make up for missing water giving you an oily appearance, can cause breakouts, irritation, dry patches, visible fine lines and overall the appearance of dull and tired skin. Thankfully getting the optimal hydration isn’t as tiresome as you may think thank to Skinstitut’s Hydrating Mask.

Name: Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

What it does: This intensely moisturising mask is formulated with shea butter, a multi-vitamin concentrate along with red raspberry known for its anti-oxidant benefits in giving skin a youthful and fresh look. The mask works to purify and soothe stressed and dull skin, nourish and repair damage caused by dehydration, improves radiance and plumps and smooths fine lines.

Results: This nourishing mask has a subtle sweetness to it which almost smells floral. In terms of consistency, this product is quite light and easy to smooth onto the skin. Do not rub it in just apply a nice thin layer onto the skin. I like to use a slightly thicker layer on my cheeks as I tend to get redness around this area. This product can also be used around the eye area which is fantastic! The results are visible as soon as you wash this product away. I noticed a reduction in redness, improved skin tone, a more radiant and rested complexion. My skin felt soft, plumper and had a nice elasticity. This product gives your skin a second light especially if you’ve been having late nights or going through a stressful period at work!

How to use: Apply a smooth layer to clean skin and neck and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. The mask can be used day or night as often as required. I use this product up to twice a week and whenever my skin needs a boost. Works well after a big weekend!

Price: Skinstitut Hydrating Mask RRP $45.

Where to buy: Skinstitut products are available from professional skin care salons nationwide. Visit the Skinstitut store locator to find your nearest stockists.

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