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Simplify Dad's Day & Life

Simplify dads life this Father's Day with the Logitech Harmony elite universal remote control. While the thought of a universal remote may take you back to the early 90s (if you're old enough that is) if you haven't seen this product you're going to be blown away. Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control can control a number of devices which operate via infrared, wi-fi and even Bluetooth! That means whether your device is a TV, PlayStation or even Apple TV this product has all bases covered. What sets this product apart is its ability to setup activities which you can launch with one tap at the remotes touch screen. For example, let's say dad wants to watch a Blu-Ray. All he has to do is select activity and watch a Blu-ray. The Harmony remote will then automatically turn on the TV and change the input setting, activate the blu-ray player, turn on your amp and adjust it to the corresponding input. If dad's just getting his head around Netflix, you can create this activity for him or even create a custom setting like watch sport which powers up your cable TV and sets it to the sporting channel - impressive right? The Harmony Elite remote control can replace up to 15 remotes and countless apps into one stylish and sleek remote. If anyone had ever used a universal remote back in the 90s, you might remember having to look up your device in the manual, enter the corresponding code on the remote and flick a switch. Setting up the Harmony one is a Complete breeze - just download the app, choose your devices, and you're done. Battery's have also been removed from the equation - the remote comes with a sleek dock which holds the remote upright and recharges it.

Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control RRP $449. Available from selected JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Harvey Norman stores.

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