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Unique Scotch Whisky for a One-of-a-Kind Dad!

Mr Neo Luxe Glenfiddich IPA Experiment

This father’s day treat dad to something unexpected and truly unique like the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment. If dad loves his beer and scotch whisky, this is the gift he’ll be talking about for years to come! Glenfiddich is known for two things, its most awarded Single Malt Whisky and for pushing the boundaries by collaborating with other trailblazers beyond the whisky world. The result, the world’s first single malt Scotch Whisky finished in Indian Pale Ale (IPA) craft beer casks. Sound like an unusual flavour combination? It’s just that! This Scotch Whisky has a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops. It’s the flavour a beer man loves but in a refined scotch whisky.

While the concept sounds simple enough, it was a very meticulous process to create a malt which meets the standard that Glenfiddich connoisseurs love about the brand. The first step was to create an IPA craft beer that would go into the whisky, which would be then used to finish the experimental variant. Malt Master Brian Kinsman collaborated with a locals Speyside to create three separate brews of different strengths. From here casks were filled with each IPA, and the time each beer remained in the barrel was varied. The next steps were to assess the flavour profiles of each until the perfect blend was achieved. The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment produced a delicate and well-balanced whisky with zesty citrus flavours and a sweet finish. Now if that wasn’t enough, the collaborators in the process also created a new IPA beer. Since the development of this groundbreaking experiment, Malt Master Brian Kinsman was awarded the prestigious Master Distiller of the year title at the 2017 International Spirits Challenge, and once you’ve tasted this unique liquid, you’ll understand why.

Glenfiddich IPA Experiment 700ml RRP $130. Available now from leading liquor merchants nationally along with Dan Murphy’s stores.

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