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Vintage Port for a Foodie Father!

We’ve all heard the saying good things take time and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to creating an outstanding port. This Father’s Day why not treat dad to Cockburn’s 2011 Late Bottled Vintage Port which has been matured for up to six years to achieve its perfect level of maturity and exceptional flavour. Dad won’t be able to get enough of this rich, and full bodied wine which is the perfect ending to an excellent lunch, dinner or on its own as a night cap!

So what’s so special about Cockburn’s 2011 Late Bottle Vintage Port? I’m glad you asked! While the maturing process is crucial in creating a quality and intense flavour, this vintage praised the weather in Summer 2011. Each year winemakers hope for a little rain before harvest to freshen the grapes and soften their skins after a hot and dry summer. In August 2011, the welcome rainfall had arrived along with cold and cloudy weather, which was then followed by the sun and warm temperatures. This weather pattern was ideal to finalising the ripening of the grapes and balanced out the sugar levels nicely.

On the nose, this ruby red wine has notes of ripe red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry, and on the palate intense flavours of black currants and jammy notes dominate. If dad has a sweet tooth, he’ll enjoy this port with a chocolate dessert, or if he’s on the savoury side, a hard cheese such as a cheddar will make the ideal accompaniment.

Cockburn’s 2011 Late Bottle Vintage Port 750ml $29.99. Available from Dan Murphy’s stores and online.

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