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Western Digital My Passport SSD review Mr Neo Luxe

While there’s nothing sexy about data or the thought of backing up valuable content, you may be a little excited when you see Western Digital’s new My Passport SSD. This palm sized device offers ‘blazing fast transfer speeds, cutting edge technology, a durable and stylish design along with Western Digital's trusted and easy to use software; making backing-up or accessing important documents on the go a breeze!

My Passport SSD utilises the latest USB Type-C port technology which can be found on many new devices on the market including Apple’s Mac Book Pro. This port differs slightly from a regular USB port and the main difference apart from its look is it offers blazing transfer speeds. The My Passport SSD offers Western Digital’s fastest transfer speed of up to 515MB/s which comes in handy when you’re backing up huge files. For me, this feature is super convenient when I’m backing up raw image files from my DSLR Camera or when I need to do a quick back-up of my files. If you don’t have a device that supports USB Type C, the My Passport SSD also comes equipped with an adapter which is compatible with the traditional USB ports (Type A).

Apart from its standout transfer speeds, this device is incredibly portable and not to mention durable and stylish. Measuring in at 90mm long and 10mm thin, the My Passport SSD fits nicely into the palm of your hand and is virtually weightless. It features a two-toned design blending matte black with textured chrome giving it an eye-catching finish. The design is also built to withstand a drop of 6.5 feet, so if you’re a little clumsy this might just be the product for you!

The My Passport SSD is also equipped with Western Digital’s WD Backup software making it easy to back-up high-capacity files to your drive – just set it and forget it. This product is also compatible with Apple Time Machine; however, needs to be reformatted which is simple to do.

When I first saw this product I couldn’t believe my eyes. Its size and weight blew me away not to mention it’s incredible good looks. When I started using the My Passport SSD I noticed a huge difference in transfer speeds mainly when transferring large files from my camera - this can be a slow process when transferring 20 files at one time. The My Passport SSD is good for travelling and I keep mine with me at all times to access necessary data and to expand my laptop storage. The included USB 2.0 adapter is also an ingenious idea especially when you’re working from a number of machines. The My Passport SSD is a great solution for those who run their own business and need their files on the go or those who travel regularly and require access to large amounts of data. This product comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Mr Neo LUxe reviews My Passport SSD Western Digital

Western Digital My Passport SSD is available in 1TB, 512GB and 256GB capacities and is available from Officeworks stores nationally. RRP $199/256GB, $329/512GB and $649/1TB.

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