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Super Fruits for Superb Hair

New Garnier Fructis reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

When it comes to supermarket hair care brands, Garnier’s Fructis was at the top of my list in my early twenties. The range was bold, fun, smelled incredible and combined the power of fruits to nourish and protect hair. In 2017, Garnier Fructis is re-inventing haircare by reformulating its range, adding new super ingredients, utilising 100% recyclable packaging and revealing a brand-new look – the only thing that remains the same is the name!

What sets the new revamped Garnier Fructis range apart is the new super formula. Still taking inspiration from nature and science the collection features super fruit ingredients selected for their targeted effectiveness and benefits. Super Fruits include coconut for hydration, avocado for its nourishing effects, and Acai Berry for colour conservation. Other ingredients include sugar cane, Green tea extract, Vitamin B3 and B6 along with apple juice and Citric acid to create explosive sensations.

The collection features seven paraben-free shampoos, conditioners and treatments enriched with a shot of fortifying fruit actives; which when combined add an injection of nourishment for hair health, shine, resistance and protection. While the collection is great for your hair, it’s also friendly to the environment with the bottles now featuring 25% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable.

While admittedly I haven’t used Fructis products in quite some time, I decided to try out the new range to see how it differs from the collection I used and loved in my early 20s. Here’s what I found:

Coconut Water Shampoo – For greasy hair and dry roots (Normal to Oily)

This product has a refreshing and fruity scent which I associate with Fructis. I found this product didn’t lather much; however, it did remove hair product easily. When I dried my hair it felt nice and soft with a natural shine. My hair is pretty flat and lacks volume. I found that this product did what it said on the bottle; however, the softness didn't really help my styling efforts as I like to spike my hair.

Full & Luscious Shampoo – Designed to give volume and thicken flat hair

I was super excited to try this product because my hair is so flat! Let’s put it this way, I need to blow dry or straighten my hair to make it possible to style. This product smells similar to the Coconut Water Shampoo – refreshing and a great scent for spring and summer. I noticed this product did lather more when compared to the Coconut shampoo and when my hair was wet it felt dense. When I dried my hair I noticed I had more volume and wasn't sitting flat. In terms of hydration my hair felt soft (not as intense as the Coconut Water Shampoo) but also has a nice volume which made styling my hair a breeze.

Nutri-Repair 3 Shampoo – Repair & nourish dry hair, adding shine and softness.

Taking nourishment to a whole new level, this product is formulated with repairing triglycerides and three fruit oils including olive, avocado and shea. In terms of smell this product isn’t as refreshing but on the creamier smelling side. I found this product to be super nourishing, my hair felt nice and soft and appeared shiny. I washed my hair using this product before bed and found the hydration was carried over to the next morning. While I don’t have dry or damaged hair I can could see how this product would benefit those who use heat styling products or have hair dry/damaged hair from colouring products.

Garnier Fructis Coconut Water, Full & Luscious & Nutri-Repair 3 Shampoo 700ml $13.95. Available now from supermarkets, pharmacies and a variety of Independent stores nationally.

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