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There’s no denying that the personalisation trend is upon us. From fragrance bottles to handbags, stationery and even underwear, we want everything created especially for us. In the skin care world, personalisation makes total sense because each of our skin concerns differ, and specific ranges which target say sensitive skin; won’t necessarily address concerns such as ageing.

I was recently approached by skincare brand Blend & Boost to have a customised moisturiser created for my specific skin concerns and couldn’t have been more excited. The idea of a personalised moisturiser was a dream come true for me because I didn’t need to use a series of products to address specific needs.

So how does it all work you might be asking yourself? It’s a pretty simple process:

  1. First up you’ll need to a visit a participating clinic which is authorised to conduct a skin assessment with you. This is in the format of a digital questionnaire.

  2. Once the questionnaire is complete you’ll receive a customised blend which includes active boosters catering to your concerns. Your moisturiser will feature up to three active booster ingredients. You’ll also have the choice of a nourishing or light formula moisturising base.

  3. From here your order is sent to the lab where your moisturiser is formulated. This process is usually completed within 24 hours and then shipped to your door.

For my skin type being on the oily/combination side I chose a light cream base which is non-greasy and features a blend of advanced moisturising and antioxidant ingredients. This base works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, adds radiance and improves skins texture. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Acai Extract, Sophora Japonica Flower Extract and is fragrance, paraben and gluten free – and that’s without the boosters!

The booster options available in each Blend & Boost moisturiser treat almost any skincare concern you can think of and include:

  • CoQ10 Vectorised System: features Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C to support collagen production, reduce fine lines and improve firmness

  • ET-VC: Formulated with a Vitamin C this product works to reduce Melanin Synthesis and aids in skin lightening

  • Hyaluronic MLSpheres: this formula improves skins volume and density, plumps lines and wrinkles, and smooths fine lines.

  • Matrixyl 3000: features two anti-ageing peptides which reduce the appearance of installed wrinkles and improves skins elasticity

  • Snap-8 Solution C: inspired by botox, this product is a topical peptide which corrects the appearance of expression lines.

  • Venuceane: protects skin from environmental damage, reinforces skin barrier, improves moisture and repairs photo-damaged skin

  • Aqua-Osmoline: this multi-active moisturiser enhances water retention to improve skin hydration

  • Ceramides XBlend: reduces water loss and improves skin barrier

  • Ac.NET: minimises pores, reduces shine and soothes irritated skin

  • Niacinamide PC: reduces discoloration, pore and blemishes and the appearance of fine lines

  • CM Glucan H: a calming solution which helps the skin recover after stress, maintain hydration and increases cell turnover

  • Defensil –Plus: soothes skin discomfort, redness and nourishes dry skin

  • Telangyn Solution: minimises the appearance of local redness, dilated capillaries and reduces redness.

My customised moisturiser was formulated with CoQ10 Vectorized System which offers antioxidant properties to improve signs of ageing, and Venuceane to shield against accelerated skin ageing and promote radiance. I have been using my blend now for about two weeks and have noticed improvements in my skins radiance, hydration and appearance of fine lines. My moisturiser base is the light option which is quite dense when dispensed but melts into the skin when applied. While I have noticed visible improvements in my skin such as a reduction in redness, I would say the two boosters in my formulation work deep within the skin and the effects may not be as dramatic as other boosters such as Snap-8 Solution C or Matrixyl 3000 (which I want to try!).

What I love about the Blend & Boost concept is the convenience of using one product and knowing my blend is treating my specific concerns. The light moisturiser is housed in a tube with a pump delivery system which is handy and ensures you use the right amount of product so it lasts longer and avoids contamination. I also want to add the product formulation process is super simple, and the pricing of this product is just as good coming in at under $200 for your customized treatment. Locate your nearest stockist here.

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