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Tequila Tales Set Straight

Mr Neo Luxe talks tequila with Milagro Tequila

In case you need a reason to enjoy a Margarita, make today the day because 24 July is World Tequila Day. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of this spirit mainly because I have loads of tequila stories which haven’t ended the best the morning after. To set the record straight on ‘tequila tales’, I sat down with Lucia Rodriguez, Tequila Expert and Brand Associate for Milagro Tequila, the World’s Most Awarded Premium Tequila to set the record straight about the tales we’ve all heard about this much-loved Mexican drink.

For the sceptics like myself, why should we give a premium tequila like Milagro a go?

Because otherwise you'll be missing out on a miracle! Bad quality tequilas have created a bad reputation for this drink, but good quality ones like Milagro Tequila exist for us to enjoy a spirit packed with flavour and tradition. And because it is 100% agave (which is the purest form of tequila) you won't have that terrible hangover filled with regrets!

Is it true that tequila is just cactus juice?

No alcoholic drink originating from Mexico is actually made from cactus. Tequila is distilled from the Blue Weber Agave, which does look similar to a cactus, but tequila is actually closer to lilies than cactus. Just like Champagne or Cognac, tequila can only be made in a specific region: The Mexican state of Jalisco and some surrounding areas. The volcanic soil in this area is perfect for growing agave and it takes between 8-12 years to reach maturity before harvesting.

Earlier you mentioned Milagro is 100% agave and won’t give you a terrible hangover, but many believe a quality tequila should have a worm in the bottle. Is this true?

There is literally no worm in any tequila that is bottled in Mexico, because this is not a local tradition. Some American brands of tequila will put a worm in the bottle as a marketing tactic to boost sales, but why this custom was started is not quite clear. One legend has it that the worm at the bottom of the bottle is a sign that the tequila is a high proof alcohol. It is believed that if the proof is high enough the worm will stay preserved. But truth be told, top-quality bottles tend not to include a worm, or any other creature for that matter

To be honest, I’ve only ever consumed tequila as a shot, how should it be enjoyed?

Tequila in Mexico is often sipped and savoured! Mexicans recommend treating the spirit as you would a single malt Scotch. A wine glass, Champagne flute or brandy snifter will allow it to open up.

So no lime and salt?

Although many people use a lime and salt with any type of tequila, it is really only needed if you are drinking a cheaper tequila. The lime and salt is actually used to mask the taste of the tequila, so if you’re drinking a high-quality tequila it’s advised not disguising the flavour with condiments (unless you’re sipping on a proper cocktail of course)!

What’s your favourite Milagro cocktail?

My favorite Milagro Cocktail is Zona Rosa. This cocktail is made with Milagro Silver, muddled strawberry, kiwi, basil, agave nectar and served in a rocks glass with fresh ice... Garnish your cocktail with a strawberry and basil leaf.

I have to say I’m quite fond of Milagro tequila – its taste and smoothness really sets it apart. How should I incorporate this delicious tequila into my next dinner party?

I would say make Milagro the center of your dinner party! Start with a fresh Milagro Margarita pairing it with a spicy ceviche, followed by a shot glass of Milagro SBR Reposado with your main dish (like a slow cooked Pork Shoulder in Adobo Sauce). Finish off dinner with our most awarded Milagro SBR Añejo while you enjoy a dark chocolate mousse!

Thanks for chatting with me Lucia and setting the record straight on this popular Mexican spirit.

Milagro is a 100% blue agave tequila renowned for its smoothness, mixability and crisp clear taste. Meaning miracle, the tequila’s unique aesthetic are a true celebration of Mexico’s passion for art and design. The Milagro Tequila range consists of six expressions, with Silver, Reposado and Añejo expressions of its Core and Select Barrel Reserve ranges respectively.

Milagro Silver 700ml RRP $53.95. Available from selected Dan Muprhy’s stores nationally.

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