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Luxe Scents for the Jetset by Amouage

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Amouage Discovery Men's Sampler Set

If you find it difficult to pack just one fragrance when you’re travelling (like I do), you’re going to be in awe of this luxury men's travel fragrance set by Amouage. If you don’t know much about this brand, which I’ll admit I didn’t apart from knowing it produces luxury fragrances, here is what you need to know.

The luxury fragrance brand was established 35 years ago and is devoted to creating finely blended perfumes using the highest quality of rare ingredients, which is what I believe sets these fragrances apart. Sourcing ingredients from all over the globe, Amouage employs top perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Geneva and New York to create its luxurious, one-of-a-kind, trendsetting fragrances.

The Amouage collection for men consists of 17 signature fragrances not taking into consideration the Library or Special Edition scents. The Amouage Discovery Men’s Sampler Set contains 12 sample sized fragrance (2ml each with a spray diffuser) from the current fragrance collection. The set itself weighs in at 190g and is presented in an elegant box which holds each fragrance in place. What I enjoy most about this kit is there’s a scent for every occasion regardless of where you are travelling, the season and whether it’s for business or pleasure. Apart from being the perfect travel companion, this set is also a great way of sampling the fragrances on your skin before committing to purchasing a full-sized bottle.

Amouage Men’s Travel Sampler Set includes:

  • Dia Man: An elegant and subtle Chypre fragrance featuring notes of Cistus, Ylang-ylang and Palissander

  • Journey Man: Combines spicy and woody notes with an intriguing sweetness. The scent includes notes of Sichuan Pepper, Juniper Berries, Cypriol and Ambrox

  • Honour Man: This fragrance is on the spicier side and combines notes of Pink & Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cedarwood and Musk

  • Jubilation XXV Man: This Oriental scent features notes of Coriander, Frankincense, Honey, Moss, Ambergris and precious oud wood.

  • Beloved Man: Oriental combining rich woods and floral accords. Beloved features notes of Grapefruit, Neroli, Geranium Bourbon, Leather, Vetiver and Musk

  • Epic Man: This scent is a fusion of cultures from China to Arabia. It features notes Cumin, Saffron, Myrtle Essence, Sandalwood and Castoreum

  • Lyric Man: Dare to be different, this scent features spicy notes which have been blended with rose, spicy ginger and vanilla at its base

  • Gold Man: Taking inspiration from the ‘golden age’ of perfumery, this dry chypre features notes of Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Myrrh, Patchouli and Oalmoss

  • Memoir Man: Woody and leathery, this scent defies convention and features notes of Absinth, Lavender Absolute, leather, tobacco and Oakmoss

  • Fate Man: A fragrance you must try to understand. It features notes of Mandarin, Absinthe, Everlasting Flower, Liquorice and Musk

  • Reflection Man: Refined, masculine and distinctive, this scent features notes of Rosemary, Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Vetiver and Cedarwood

  • Interlude Man: Inspired by chaos and disorder, this fragrance blends zesty bergamot with oregano, Amber, Sandalwood and Patchouli at its heart

There are four fragrance which I instantly gravitated towards in this collection at first whiff, these included Journey, Epic, Memoir and Fate. I have noticed with Amouage fragrances you need to try them on and let them settle on the skin as they change significantly due to the complex layers of notes.

The Amouage Discovery Men’s Sampler set is a great gift idea for the Jet setting gent in your life who loves the finer things in life, or the perfect travel companion which will have your fragrance needs sorted for trips to come.

Amouage Men’s Travel Sampler Set 12 x 2ml $110. Available from City Perfume Online and selected retail stores. For a limited time, Mr Neo Luxe readers can enjoy 10% off their next City Perfume purchase by using code ‘MRNEOLUXE’ at the checkout.

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