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From Space to Skin, Maxellence Reviewed

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Maxellence Dual Concentrate and Singular Cream reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

A few months ago LAB SERIES Skincare for Men launched its revolutionary skincare collection for men, Maxellence which consists of a Dual Concentrate (serum) and Singular Cream (moisturiser). This collection boasts two key technologies the first a meteorite extract rich in magnesium and calcium and the second a Micro-Grav Ferment which has been perfected in a bioreactor and paired with energising ingredients to give skin a brighter appearance.

While the ingredients and extraction process are out of this world, I couldn’t wait to start trialling these products to see if they’re worth their luxury price tags.

Maxellence The Dual Concentrate This product features two powerful and distinct formulas housed in a dual-chamber delivery system. When you dispense the product, you’ll see two colours, a black and a white which you blend and apply to the skin.

  • White Formula: Works to repair and turn back time! It defends, calms, soothes and hydrates skins appearance.

  • Black Formula: Features the Micro-Grav Ferment (a yeast extract) which has been blended with anti-ageing ingredients to lift and brighten, while restoring a youthful radiance.

Results: When I started trialling this product I used it in conjunction with the Maxellence Singular Cream and then slowly began to use it with other moisturisers to test its efficiency. This product has an impressive delivery system – I love the theatrics! This product is quite light and is quickly absorbed without being greasy or overly shiny. I felt my skin was instantly hydrated and noticed a reduction in redness around my cheeks. After a few minutes, my complexion appeared even and bright. Over time, I noticed the brightening effects continued to increase and saw an improvement in texture and a firmer appearance. I will admit firmness is not one of my skin concerns; however, the combined effects did give me a more youthful look. I will also add I have been using this product religiously for a few months now and it seems to be never ending. The pump delivery system dispenses the required amount of the Dual Concentrate, so you don’t have any wastage.

Maxellence The Singular Cream This silky-ultra hydrating moisturiser features a shimmering black formula which absorbs quickly into the skin and becomes invisible. This product features a light and uplifting scent of Shima Lemon which has been replicated using a unique headspace technology due to the rarity of this Japanese fruit, which can only be found in the Ogasawara Islands. The Singular Cream is formulated with the Achondrite asteroid extract which is rich in essential minerals said to boost skin's natural collagen production to keep skin plump and firm.

Results: Again, I love the theatrics. This product instantly becomes invisible applied to the skin and is quickly absorbed. Considering its light consistency, I was surprised at how effective the Singular Cream was in hydrating the skin. Once applied, it leaves a nice silky feel on the skin. The Shima Lemon scent instantly refreshes the skin and has a nice subtle scent which disappears after a few minutes. When I was using this product, I noticed my skin felt and looked well hydrated, and my complexion appeared clearer. I did notice within a few days fine lines became less noticeable around the cheeks, and my overall complexion was radiant and youthful. You'll see the difference this product makes when you stop using it. The Singular Cream is housed in a jar and has a scoop to remove the cream. While this novelty felt very luxurious, to begin with, I would ultimately prefer a tube or pump. I did also find using the scoop I applying too much of the product, so remember in this case less is more, a pea sized amount will suffice.

I really enjoy using LAB SERIES Skincare for Men products because I see results and this range was no exception. I would recommend this range for men over the ages of 30 who are concerned with fine lines or wrinkles, firmness and those who want to achieve a younger-looking appearance.

Maxellence The Dual Concentrate 50ml $320 Maxellence The Singular Cream 50ml $230

MAXELLENCE The Dual Concentrate and The Singular Cream are crafted in small-batch production and are available in limited quantities.

Both are available exclusively DAVID JONES - Elizabeth Street Sydney & Bourke Street Melbourne MYER - Sydney City

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