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Summer Lovin' Prosecco Spritz

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Calabria Family Wines Bevi Prosecco Spritz

Without a doubt, last summer’s hottest drink had to be the spritz! This famous Italian cocktail consists of prosecco, Aperol and a fresh slice of orange for good measure. This age-old Aperitivo is back in vogue and shows no signs of slowing down before next summer. Calabria Family Wines has transformed this famous drink into a ready-to- drink edition which is refreshing and will have you dreaming of an endless summer holiday.

Introducing the Bevi Prosecco Spritz Piccolo the cutest way to treat yourself to a spritz before a night out, or while entertaining in your garden on a sunny afternoon. Bevi Prosecco Spritz is a modern interpretation of the famous Italian ‘Aperitivo’ and has been created using locally grown Prosecco grapes are harvested during the cool of the night for ultimate freshness. The fruit is then crushed, gently pressed, and partially fermented to retain natural sugars. The prosecco is then lightly sparkled and infused with blood orange and bitter herbs to create a deliciously refreshing drink.

Serve Bevi over ice in a stylish glass with a slice of citrus. The piccolo bottle is a statement on its own, so I served it with a colourful straw.

What I enjoyed most about this drink is it stays true to the original cocktail and doesn’t taste sugary like many pre-mixed alcoholic beverages. I must say the Bevi Prosecco Spritz Piccolo was a hit in my home with my sister and partner consuming most of my supply – I’m lucky I got a taste one! I enjoyed this drink when I was entertaining a friend on a sunny Sunday afternoon – it’s a great alternative to opening a bottle of wine. Non-wine drinkers will also enjoy the Bevi Prosecco Spritz as it’s on the sweeter side similar to a Moscato.

The Calabria Bevi Prosecco Spritz is available in a three pack from selected Dan Murphy’s stores and Calabria Family Wines online. AUD RRP $12.95.

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