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Review: Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood

Australia get excited because we’ve just added a new luxury fragrance brand to our list of beauty achievements. Founded in Sydney, Goldfield & Banks Australia is the brainchild of Belgian-French international fragrance expert, Dimitri Weber. The genderless fragrance collection pays homage to Australia’s native flora, and the scents feature a number of elements never used in perfume before. The collection features four fragrances each featuring a unique note from an Australian destination. Sourcing its hero note Buddha Wood from Victoria’s Central Highlands, I’ve chosen to review a woody and mystical fragrance titled Desert Rosewood.

Fragrance Name: Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood

Notes: Buddha Wood Australia, Mandarin Sicily, Cardamom India, Benzoin Laos, Vanilla Comoros Islands and Patchouli Indonesia

Described as: A truly unusual yet once familiar scent, which is earthy and bold. Desert Rosewood is described as resinous, comforting and leathery – ‘an encounter between a rainbow of woods and the spectacular Australian Desert under the burning sun’.

Wear it: During summer I would recommend wearing this fragrance in the evening due to its woody, leathery characteristics. In spring and the colder months, this scent can be worn anytime. Desert Rosewood has an air of sophistication and refinement and should be worn on slightly dressed up or formal occasions.

The verdict: I will admit the first time I sprayed this fragrance, and it was on a spray card, and it smelled quite classic and masculine – very woody and leathery. Once sprayed on my skin my entire perception changed. Initially, you get the woody, leathery notes which develop into a beautiful sweetness which I can only assume is the vanilla. The fragrance then changes again and settles to becomes less sweet and woodier. Desert Rosewood is a sophisticated scent which is unique, refined and luxurious. It has a familiarity about it that’s almost yesteryear with a modern and sensual twist. Goldfield & Banks fragrances feature a concentrated formulation which means they last on the skin eliminating the need to reapply. Overall I’m pleasantly surprised and proud of this homegrown fragrance.

Price: Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood 100ml Perfume Concentrate – Natural Spray $229. Available from the Goldfield & Banks website and selected boutiques.

The Goldfield & Banks fragrance collection consists of three additional fragrances including White Sandalwood, Blue Cypress and Pacific Rock Moss.

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