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Review: Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds

A few months ago I upgraded to the new iPhone 7 and as someone who consumes music on their phone, this meant it was time for me to upgrade my beloved headphones to a new fancy Bluetooth version. My options were upgrade or potentially risk a day without music because I left my ‘lightening adapter’ at home (there’s a good chance this would happen on many occasions). While having to upgrade may seem annoying, wireless headphones do have many benefits such as no more tangled cords or worrying where you store your device to ensure the cable isn’t strained and the buds aren't yanked out of your ears.

When it came to choosing my new earphones I wanted something lightweight which wasn’t restrictive and delivered incredible sound without breaking the bank. I decided to go with the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds are micro-sized and among the smallest on the market. They are constructed from a premium sandblasted metal giving them a super elegant finish while enhancing durability. As a previous owner of ear buds, I was a little hesitant as I’ve found in the past that the plastic buds don’t always fit well in the ear compromising sound quality and comfort. Jaybird has worked around this frustration by introducing ‘secure-fit’ which consists of a variety of customised fit options including my personal favourite the ‘Premium Comply’. These ear tips are constructed of memory which moulds to your ear providing greater noise cancellation, a better fit and more comfort.

So let’s get down to two important factors when choosing any audio device, sound quality and battery life. The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds provide exceptionally powerful sound for their size. An awesome feature is the Jaybird My Sound App which allows you to customise your equalizer settings so you can tailor your listening experience – this is ingenious especially for fussy people like me. Regarding battery life, the Freedom Wireless Buds provide up to 8 hours of listening time which isn’t the largest battery life on the market but enough to last you a few trips to work or gym sessions. A feature I love is the mobile charging clip which can be attached to the buds while you’re on the go, recharging them while you to continue to listen to your favourite tracks.

Mr Neo Luxe Reviews Jaybird Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Other great features include:

  • Over/under-ear fit options so the buds can be worn in a traditional way to listen to music and make calls, or over the ear for those who engage in active sports such as running or cycling.

  • Multi-point technology allows you to simultaneously connect two devices such as your mobile and laptop at the same time. Imagine listening to music on your laptop and then being able to switch to your phone when it rings at the touch of a button.

  • Active Lifestyle? No problem. The Freedom wireless buds are completely sweat-proof and can keep up with you at the gym, on the snow or in dirt.

Overall I’m incredibly happy with these sleek looking and insane sounding wireless buds. If I’m completely honest, I haven’t put them down since I got them. The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds provide exception value for money, are comfortable to wear and super compact, so you can keep then with you at all times.

Mr Neo Luxe Reviews Jaybird Freedom Sports wireless headphones

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds RRP $249.95. Available online from the Jaybird website, Apple online and retails stores along with selected JB Hi-Fi stores.

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