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Mr Neo Luxe Reviews Western Digital My Passport

How often are you backing up your valuable content like photos, documents and sensitive data? If you were anything like me a few months ago, it was probably very rare. My thought process was the ‘Cloud’ does it all. While this is somewhat true, it’s dependent on a correct setup and how much you’re willing to spend on online storage.

Recently, I was caught out when I had my laptop was stolen which included my photos, website content and invaluable information which you guessed; I never backed up! Thankfully I was able to recover some of my data; however, content such as my website images and future posts where all gone which set me back some time re-shooting and rewriting which was incredibly inconvenient.

On my recent trip to the US, I decided I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again and decided to invest in a portable hard-drive to keep my work and memories safe while I was away. Having used Western Digital storage products in the past, I decided to go with the redesigned My Passport.

The new My Passports have been reimagined with a sleek new design created in partnership with ‘fuseproject’ an award-winning industrial design firm. Available in a wide selection of bold and vivid colours, each device features a textured bottom and is slightly larger than an iPhone, making it super portable for travelling. Apart from its striking looks which can be matched with your style, the My Passport has some handy features such as:

  • Automatic Backup – This incredibly clever device comes loaded with the WD Backup Software which can be set to automatically backup photos, videos, music and documents providing you piece of mind. All you have to do is set it to run automatically around your schedule.

  • Password Protection with Hardware Encryption – without getting too geeky, this product features advanced hardware encryption and security software to keep your content safe. Just activate password protection and setup your password. There’s also a ‘return-if-found’ feature to help get your hard drive back if you leave it behind.

  • Ease of Use – Whether you’re a PC or MAC user, simply plug the hard drive in via USB and drag and drop all your important or valuable information.

I found this product really easy to use and it’s built in features mean I have piece of mind that my content is backed up and safe. A great product for anyone who knows they should back up but can’t find the time to do it manually.

Western Digital My Passport is available is a range of capacities ranging from 1 – 4TB, and a MAC edition is also available. My Passport drives priced from $109.99 and the My Passport for Mac drive priced from $119.99. Available from JB Hi-FI Stores and other leading retailers nationally.

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