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Wonderful Sound from UE's New Boom!

I like music loud and clear! Who doesn’t right? When it comes to choosing incredible sounding speakers I’ve always been a fan of high-end brands with the belief you get what you pay for. While this is still true in my eyes, you occasionally come across products which blow you away, and this is particularly true about Ultimate Ears products. Earlier this year I reviewed the UE Boom 2 which captured my attention with its powerful sound, sleek design and value for money. Almost four months on and this sound obsessed brand has done it again with the release of its latest Bluetooth speaker the Wonderboom.

Measuring in at about half the size of the Boom 2, this light and compact speaker packs a punch! Part of the Boom family, it features 360 degree sound, a waterproof design, impressive battery life lasting up to 10 hours, along with a new carry hook so it can be attached to a backpack or bike, and a cool floating design – yes it’s buoyant!

Don’t be fooled by its size; the Wonderboom is a beast! Regarding sound quality, it’s up there! This little beauty roars with loud and clear sound which can easily fill a medium sized room such as a living room, and keep guests entertained on the back deck. Typically smaller speakers tend to lack in the bass department delivering an inferior tinny sound – not the Wonderboom! It produces a balanced bass experience so you can enjoy your favourite tunes either at a dinner party or your next house party. Like a few of its family members, the Wonderboom is also drop proof for up to five-feet.

Mr Neo Luxe Reviews Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Coming in at half the price of the UE Boom 2, a few features didn’t make the cut to keep the cost down such as the Party Up feature which allows you to connect up to 50 speakers and the block party feature allowing you to play DJ with your mates. Instead, the Wonderboom allows you to pair up two devices which I think is reasonable when you consider its price.

There’s a lot to love about this Bluetooth speaker apart from just the sound experience. The Wonderboom features a sleek design and is super portable so you can take it everywhere. I use mine the most when I’m doing the laundry, tidying my home, spending time outdoors and even listening to some chilled tunes when I’m taking a relaxing bath. My Wonderboom has also joined me on weekends away, and at the moment it’s in my suitcase preparing for its first overseas trip to the US. The Wonderboom is isuper light and won’t take up valuable space making it the ideal travel companion.

Overall the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a great little device for anyone who wants a simple, easy to use Bluetooth speaker which delivers exceptional sound quality.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom RRP $129. Available now from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Apple Stores, and from the Ultimate Ears Website. Choose from six fresh colours including Stone (Grey), Phantom (Black), Fireball (Red), SubZero (Blue), Cashmere (Pink) and Lilac.

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