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Travel Essentials: What I'm Packing for the US

Mr Neo Luxe Travel Essentials Reviewed

Being a frequent traveller, I’ve picked up a few tricks when it comes to packing for a business trip or holiday. Here are a few of my picks which made the cut on my recent trip to the USA.

Freeze Frame Night Let’s face it, everyone wants to look relaxed, youthful and radiant in their Facebook holiday snaps, and I’m one of those people. I’ve packed the new Freeze Frame Night cream which is designed reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 94% in 28 days, plump the skin much like collagen injections in 15 days, and provides a mini-facelift. Best of all this product is packed in a compact tube with a pump, so it doesn’t take up valuable packing space. Freeze Frame Night RRP $71.82.

LAB SERIES Maxellence The Dual Concentrate Depending on where you’re travelling and how many climates you’ll be visiting – for example, crisp San Fransisco and dry Las Vegas – the weather can wreak havoc on your skin. I’ve packed the new LAB SERIES Maxellence The Dual Concentrate. This serum features two powerful formulas in a dual-chamber system and when combined, replenish skins moisture and provide a smoother and firmer appearance. LAB SERIES Maxellence The Dual Concentrate Maxellence The Dual Concentrate 50ml RRP $320

Bondi Sands Men Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam There’s nothing worse than heading on a summer holiday to discover you’re the whitest person sitting by the pool. Apart from a radiant glow, tanning can make you appear thinner while defining muscles and giving you a more buff appearance. Bondi Sands Men Everyday Gradual Tanning foam has a masculine scent which isn’t overpowering and won’t tan your sheets. The lightweight non-greasy foam provides an even and natural looking tan from the first application. Bondi Sands Men Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam $17.95.

Keune Man Care Line Hydrate Shampoo Hair & Body When it comes to packing for a trip multi-purpose products help save valuable space. This multitasker from Keune is a mild cleansing shampoo featuring essential minerals, rock crystals and bamboo to improve hairs moisture balance and strength. This is a great shampoo especially in summer if you’re spending time in salt water or a chlorinated pool. This product can also be used as a refreshing body wash which leaves skin soft and hydrated. Locate your nearest Keune stockist here.

Western Digital My Passport How often are you backing up important documents, holiday snaps and even essential travel documents such as your passport of itineraries? I was recently caught out on a trip when I had my laptop stolen and lost all my photos and important website content. Don’t be like me and backup as you go. The new Western Digital Passport portable hard drives have been designed for the on-the-go lifestyle and features up to 8TB storage and measure up slightly larger than an I-phone. Each drive features 256-bit password protection to keep your content safe while you’re on the go and is available for both Mac and PC users. Available in six vivid colours, the drives have been created in conjunction with fuseproject – an award-winning industrial design and branding firm – and feature a stylish design with a textured bottom. Western Digital My Passport RRP from $109.

Bvlgari AQVA Atlantiqve Pour Homme I’m guilty of packing way too many fragrances when I’m on holiday because I struggle to find a scent which can take me from day to night. As I’m heading to a warmer climate, I packed Bvlgari AQVA Atlantiqve Pour Homme. This refreshing scent featuring notes of lemon, bergamot, marine ambergris and sandalwood, making it both refreshing and long lasting. It’s the perfect scent for a summer pool bar or a sophisticated evening out on the town. Bvlgari AQVA Atlantiqve Pour Homme 100ml EDT $131.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom I need music wherever I go and on holiday even more so! Whether I’m getting ready for a night out, impromptu drinks in my suite or getting ready for a restful night sleep, my Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is my travel Bluetooth speaker of choice. This compact yet powerful speaker provides roaring sound and powerful bass so I can enjoy my music on the go. Its portable size means I can throw it into my suitcase without worrying about valuable space or weight, and it’s tough design means I can take it to the beach or pool and not worry about it getting ruined. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom RRP $129.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather All Over Body Spray Add a little luxury to your day with the Tom Ford Private Blend all Over Body Sprays. This is a great product to travel with in your onboard carry-on luggage to refresh during a flight. I also find when I’m on holiday I’m always rushing around so I can take this product with me everywhere to reapply my scent and refresh. The Tuscan leather scent is modern and classic and combines notes of black suede and Jasmine making it suitable for any climate and occasion. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather All Over Body Spray 150ml $110.

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