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Review: Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren fragrances for years and love the freshness and casual, relaxed vibe these scents present. While the scents are incredibly fresh, I do find they’re more on the intimate side and need to be reapplied. Last year Ralph Lauren released its classic scent Polo Blue in a parfum edition which I found lasted longer on my skin and I couldn’t be happier. This year the brand has done it again with the release of its latest scent Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme which is compelling, refreshing and captivating, and adds a new masculine twist to the fresh collection.

Fragrance Name: Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Notes: Blood orange accord, Black coffee essence and Black Ebony Wood accord

Described as: modern, sophisticated, sexy and pulsating. The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness which is quickly followed by a chocolatey scent which is derived from Black Coffee Essence. To create this vibrant accord, a special technique was employed which captures the natural essence of coffee to give the scent its addictive and bold Oriental Gourmand composition.

Wear it: I recently travelled with the fragrance to the US and used it both day and night. I visited during spring and found this scent was well suited to San Fransisco and New York’s cooler temperatures during this time. It also works well in the evening and would recommend this scent for Autumn, Winter and Spring. In summer, I would recommend something a little more refreshing with more citrus notes.

Price: Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme Parfum 125ml $149. Available from David Jones & Myer department stores, along with leading fragrance stores nationally.

The Verdict: What can I say, I can’t get enough of this scent. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme ticks all the boxes for me with its longevity on the skin and its unique blend of notes which are modern, sophisticated and masculine. It’s been a while since I’ve smelled a fragrance which is unique and I find that very exciting. All-in-all Polo Red Extreme is suited to most occasions such as work, brunch and an evening out at a stylish Sydney bar. One of my girlfriends even loved this fragrance so much she went out and bought it for herself. Now that’s the power of this scent.

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