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Calibre WOW’s with First Looks of Autumn 17

Autumn is here and if that doesn’t excite, the season’s latest fashion trends might. By now most brands have started to release their latest collections so keep your eyes peeled when you next visit a stylish boutique or department store. Fashion forward men’s brand Calibre has received its first drop of its Autumn collection, and the pieces which are surfacing will have you excited for the season ahead. Calibre’s Autumn colour palette consists of navy blues, blacks, greys, a show-stopping burgundy leather coat and fabrics such as suede and wool making an appearance ahead of winter.

One of the pieces that caught my eye in store was the Stretch Jacquard Blazer. Constructed of a cotton blend, the blazer features a Jacquard print incorporating red, one and blue details. Its stretch fabric means its figure hugging and provides a tailored fit. I wore this blazer for the first time a few weeks ago at a VIP Mardi Gras event, and the number of compliments I received was astounding – good choice! While the event I attended was high-end, I paired the blazer with a white tee, navy blue chinos, brown belt and light brown loafers. To complement the blazer and add a little embellishment (it’s Mardi Gras after all) I accessorized the blazer with the Crane Lapel Pin which is also a new arrival this season.

The Stretch Jacquard Blazer is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. It pairs perfectly with a white button up short and navy suite pants or can be dressed down with a pair of tailored shorts. I also paired this blazer with a white tee, Calibre’s Navy Dobby Shorts which feature a textured and tailored cut, with my white leather Saint Laurent Court Classic appliquéd leather sneakers.

Stretch Jacquard Blazer – $699 Navy Dobby Short – $199 Crane Lapel Pin – $59

Be sure to stop by a Calibre store or visit the website to check out the new Autumn collection featuring limited edition pieces that won’t stick around for long.

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