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Mr Neo Luxe reviews Nodus Collection Shell Case for iPhone

Mobile phone cases come in hundreds of designs and colours, but what truly makes a case a luxury? It could be the designer label or encrusted with hundreds of rhinestones, or simply how much you paid for it. While I’ve spent money on designer phone cases in the past, when it comes to looking for the perfect cover for my iPhone 7 I opt for a case which would protect my phone from drops (usually on a boozy night out), features a sleek design, looks great and simplifies my day-to-day life.

Having a love for premium and luxury products, I recently discovered the brand Nodus Collection which creates unique and premium hand-crafted leather accessories for both men and women. Specialising in wallets and products to house electronic devices such as Ipads and Iphones, the brands ‘Shell Case for iPhone + Magnetic Micro Dock caught my eye. While magnetic cases aren’t necessarily a new invention, I had never seen one which incorporated the magnet into the design so you don’t have a protruding object from your case, which ultimately impacts the size and weight of the case. Attracted by the Shell Case for iPhone incredibly stylish look, I decided to try it out.

The Nodus Collection Shell Case for I-phone is constructed from thin vegetable tanned Italian leather which is both stylish and hard wearing. The case features a raised lip over the screen to protect from light bumps and scratches, while completely encasing the buttons on the side of your device. The case’s core is constructed from shock absorbing polycarbonate to protect your device from impacts such as drops. Every detail has been well thought out when creating this case from it’s cleverly integrated magnet which allows the case to be mounted using the included Micro Dock, to the Magsure Magnetic Shielding technology which protects from magnetic interference allowing all apps and features to continue working perfectly while docked.

Apart from its incredibly good looks, I purchased the case so I could dock my phone while driving without attaching an unsightly suction cap device to my windscreen. The case arrived within two weeks as it’s shipped from the UK. Initially, the case was quite snug and interfered with the buttons on the side of my phone. As leather stretches, I gently flexed the case which softened the leather and no longer pressed on the buttons. The case also comes packed in a dust bag to protect it if you ever need to take it off. The Magnetic Micro Dock is exactly what the name states, micro! It measures in at the size of a dollar coin. It features a 3M adhesive pad to secure the dock in place along with replacement pads should you wish to relocate it. While driving, I found the case to be firmly locked in place even when travelling on bumpy roads or over speed bumps. Overall I have to say this product exceeded my expectations with its ingenious design and premium quality. My partner loved it so much he even bought one the same day mine arrived.

Nodus Collection Shell Case for I-phoneis available for iPhone 6, 6S and Plus, along with I phone 7 and Plus, in four fashion-forward colours including Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal and Taupe Grey. Shell Case for iPhone + Magnetic Micro Dock approx. $94.80 (54.95 GBP). Nodus Collection also offers free worldwide shipping on orders over 30 GBP.

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