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Mr Neo Luxe reviews Remington Barber’s Best Personal Groomer

Hair clippers, body groomers, beard trimmers and maybe even nose trimmers. Gents how many devices do you have in your bathroom? I know I have at least three of these stashed in mine. Not only do these devices take up space, you have to remember to charge them and chances are when you need them they can’t be found or worst of all…flat! If you’re as fed up as I am and think it’s time to consolidate all these devices, Remington’s Barber’s Best Personal Groomer might be just the ticket.

This multi-purpose device replaces up to 5 grooming products you’ll find in a gents bathroom including beard trimmer, body groomer, foil shaver, nose and ear trimmer and hair clippers. The Remington Barber’s Best Personal Groomer harnesses the power of a lithium battery providing up to 60 minutes of cordless run time. Now if that wasn’t convenient enough it gets better. The Barber's Best trimmer blades never require oiling, the attachments are washable, and the groomer is housed in a sleek looking docking station which holds all your accessories for easy access.

I use this device almost every day and here are a few of the attachments which make my life easier:

  • Groomer Hand Piece – this attachment makes shaving super easy. I like to trim my facial hair before shaving to allow for a smoother shave. It also comes in handy over the weekend when I don’t shave to keep my facial hair in check. It’s also a great tool for tidying up sideburns.

  • Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer – While I’ve used nose trimmers in the past, they’ve always been round and in my experience not very effective. This attachment is flat and works well at catching and clipping unsightly nose hair.

  • Body Hair Trimmer – This attachment is perfect for manscaping and keeping body hair neat and tidy. I like to Clipper my chest hair before heading to the gym especially when I’m wearing a singlet. After all, we have come a long way since the 70s.

The Remington Barber’s Best Personal Grooming is also light weight and quite compact, making it super easy to pack for weekends away or overnight business trips without taking up valuable space. Overall I would have to say I’m incredibly satisfied with this products performance, price and battery life. An excellent personal groomer which does it all and I would have no hesitations in recommending it to my friends.

Remington Barber’s Best Personal Groomer RRP $49.95. Available from selected Harvey Norman and The Good Guys stores, along with an extensive selection of national retailers. To locate your nearest stockist in Australia, please call 1800 623 118. For more information about this product visit the Remington website.

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