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Review: FOREO LUNA for Men

Mr Neo Luxe Reviews Foreo LUNA for Men

I recently featured a review on a cleansing brush designed for men which was new to the market. Since publishing my review, I've received a number of comments, emails and messages from readers either loving this product or telling me to try a cleansing device by FOREO, which they love. For anyone who asked me to trail the FOREO Luna for Men, this product review is for you.

Product name: FOREO LUNA for Men 3-In-1 Sonic Face Brush

What it does: The Luna for men cleansing device is designed to deliver deep facial cleansing than ensures a closer, smoother shave just after just one minute of use. Utilising T-sonic pulsations, this device offers a deep clean revealing a refreshed and clearer complexion. It features a smart Swedish design which is lightweight and lasts for up to 450 uses before recharging. It’s also completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower. It features eight speeds to adjust the intensity of the cleanse and two brushing sides – one with silicone touch-points for deep cleaning and the other with ridges which deliver lower-frequency pulsations designed for wrinkle-prone areas.

Results: The Foreo Luna for Men is super gentle on the skin and creates a nice lather when it comes into contact with your applied cleanser. Its egg speed designed fits nicely in one hand making it super easy to use. I encountered a little difficulty when it came to cleansing the bridge and sides of my nose - this process required me to tilt and rotate the device to reach these areas. I've been using a sonic brush device for a while and haven't encountered this so it may take some getting used to. I will also say it's dependant on your facial structure. I found when cleansing forehead this device felt a little strange when compared to the soft bristles of a brush, but none the less was easy to manoeuvre and glided smoothly.

Comparing it to a cleaning brush this product is gentle and provides an excellent clean. With continued use, I do believe you can achieve a smoother complexion with a reduction in fine lines, but over a greater period when compared to a brush such as the Clarisonic. In saying that I love the LUNA’s silicone construction which is said to be 35x more hygienic than a brush and is more cost effective as you don’t need to replace any parts such as the brush head.

Another great feature is the double-sided touch points and ridges targeting specific concerns such as wrinkles. While I haven’t been using this product for an extended period, it will be interesting to see if the combination of lower sonic frequency and the ridge design delivers on its promise. Overall this product does have some great benefits, and with a little getting use to, I can see why FOREO devices are such crowd pleasers and loved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

How to use: Apply cleanser and wet the device. Cleanse in circular motions for a minute or two.

Price: Foreo has since released a newer edition of this device, the Foreo Luna 2 which features twice the power, 50% larger brush head for more efficient cleansing and 12 intensity settings. FOREO LUNA 2 for Men RRP $249.

Where to buy: The FOREO LUNA 2 for Men is available in Australia from the Recreate Yourself website known as www.ry.com.au

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