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Review: Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Clarisonic Alpha Fit

While the beard boom is slowly subsiding, the men’s grooming industry is still very much on the rise with more men choosing to care to their appearance. With more and more men’s products hitting the market, it only seemed timely that Clarisonic release a device designed specifically for men. Introducing the Clarisonic Alpha Fit created to get men’s skin cleaner and looking healthier. I’m a massive advocate of the Clarisonic product range and have been using my MIA 2 for a few years. When I heard the brand was releasing a product designed for men’s skin, I couldn’t wait to give it a go and see how it differed from the original device.

Product name: Clarisonic Alpha Fit

What it does: The Clarisonic Alpha Fit sonic cleansing brush has been engineered with men’s thick skin in mind. Harnessing Clarisonic's patented sonic cleansing technology, the brush head produces an oscillation frequency that provides 300 movements per second. This flexing action combined with the Alpha Fit’s unique brush head featuring shorter bristles, clears away dirt, sweat and oil. Like all Clarisonic devices, the Alpha Fit is proven to cleanse skin six times better than hands alone; prepping the skin for a closer, smoother shave.

The Alpha Fit also feature two-speed settings - a daily cleanse designed for clean-shaven skin and a power cleanse; designed for men with beards, to improve comfort and can also be used post workout for a deeper clean.

Results: Let me begin with the design of the Alpha Fit. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is easy to manoeuvre around the skin. It took a bit of adjusting for me as I'm used to a handle; however, still as comfortable. I did notice the bristles on this device were a little harder, and the initial cleanse was a bit more intense than my MIA 2 in a good way. The Alpha Fit provides an excellent cleanse and what you would expect from a Clarisonic product. After a few days of using this product, I noticed an improvement in my skins texture with an overall smoother complexion after about three days of use. I did also see a slight improvement during shaving which can be attributed to smoother skin allowing my razor to glide over the skin easier for a closer shave.

I like the upright charging station for this device because it sits nicely in your bathroom without looking untidy. What I thought was an interesting choice was the USB charging cord, but most of us have adapters laying around the house so we can make use of these or charge the device in any USB port such as your phone charger or PC. Overall a great product which I believe has been designed with men in mind from its sleek, masculine look right down to the finer details of speed settings and dense short bristles. A great product that can be thrown into a gym or overnight bag - I believe men will enjoy using the Alpha Fit.

How to use: Wet the brush head and apply your chosen cleanser. Wet your skin, choose your desired speed, and you’re on your way. Begin with the forehead area and brush in circular motions for 20 seconds. Continue down your nose and cheek areas for 40 seconds, again brushing in circular motions.

Price: Clarisonic Alpha Fit RRP $315

Where to buy: Available from the Clarisonic website and selected David Jones department stores nationally.

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