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LAB SERIES Latest Skincare Range is Out of this World!

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Maxellence reviewed by Mr Neo Luxe

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men has released its most luxurious skincare collection for men In Australia - Maxellence - which harnesses a unique ingredient sourced from out of this world.

The Maxellence collection combines a rare meteorite extract sourced from the core of an Achondrite asteroid. This unique extract is rich in essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium and has been combined with powerful anti-ageing ingredients to promote skin's natural collagen production.

Space technology has also been harnessed to create the brands Micro-Grav Ferment which is considered a revitalising Yeast Extract perfected in a bioreactor. What makes this ingredient so special is the bioreactor fermentation vessel which creates a micro-gravity environment similar to space were the raw material is in a free-fall suspension, helping to perfect and purify the extract. Much like its important extraction process, the Micro Grav Ferment helps restore skin’s youthful brightness and appearance.

The Maxellence collection consists of:

  • Maxellence The Dual Concentrate: This concentrated serum features two powerful yet distinctive formulas housed in a dual-chamber pump. The white formula is a blend of reparative ingredients to defend, calm, soothe and hydrate the skin's appearance. The Black formula delivers a dose of ant-ageing ingredients along with the deep-space active to brighten and restore a youthful radiance to the skin. The Dual Concentrate works to promote skin's natural production of collagen and fibrillin and with continued use, this serum is said to deliver a more lifted, firmer and smoother skin which ‘defies gravity’.

  • Maxcellence The Singular Cream: features a shimmering black colour which absorbs immediately into the skin and becomes invisible. This ultra-hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser is infused with the galactic meteorite extract along with other boosting ingredients to help revitalise skin. It promotes skin's natural production of collagen and fibrillin to smooth lines and wrinkles, improve firmness and brighten the complexion.

The luxurious collection is scented with an accord of Shima Lemon found only in the remote Ogasawara Islands of Japan, a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific ocean. To reproduce this rare scent, the Shima Lemon flower was kept in a confined space, and individual molecules were captured, analysed and then used to replicate this unusually refreshing scent.

Maxellence The Dual Concentrate 50ml RRP $320 and The Singular Cream 50ml RRP $230. Both Maxellence products are crafted in small-batch production and are available in limited quantities.

The Maxellence collection is now available exclusively at David Jones – Elizabeth St Sydney & Bourke Street Melbourne along with Myer Sydney.

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