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Review: Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel

Summer is only weeks away, and it’s set to be a scorcher. Whether you’re planning on spending the season poolside or relaxing indoors under the AC, hydrated skin is a must! Surprisingly among men, the most common skin condition in summer is dry skin – who would have thought! While a handful of gents may not be concerned by this, dry skin, in fact, can cause some side effects including red flakey skin, increase the signs of ageing and problem pores.

Shiseido has released its latest moisturiser for men which features new HYDRO MASTER TECHNOLOGY to keep skin refreshed and moisturised during summer.

Name: Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel

What it does: This lightweight moisturising gel works to quickly hydrate, while revealing smooth and radiant skin. Formulated containing Shiseido's HYDRO MASTER TECHNOLOGY it promotes hydration and purifies the skin at the same time. Visible signs of ageing are also reduced thanks to the inclusion of Damage Defence Complex. Peony Root Extract has also been added to this moisturiser for its ability in regulating sebum.

Results: Let me begin by saying I can’t get enough of moisturisers in pump packaging. They disburse the right amount of product and increase the products life span. This refreshing moisturiser absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue and has a subtle masculine scent. My skin appeared well hydrated and nourished throughout the day which can sometimes be difficult to achieve when working under air-conditioning. I also notice this product reduced my afternoon oil slick which usually occurs on my forehead, nose and chin. During the time I was using this product, I noticed improved skin clarity and more refined pores. Overall a great product which does what it says and keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after this moisturiser if you’re spending extended periods exposed to the sun.

How to use: Use after cleansing or shaving, smooth one pump evenly over face morning and night.

Price: Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel 75ml $57

Where to buy: Available now from selected Myer, David Jones and Sephora stores nationally.

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