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Mr Neo Luxe review Philips Hue

I’m a firm believer in lighting and how it can impact your mood and general well-being, and I’m not alone. Consumer electronics brand Philips Lighting recently conducted research into how light impacts our everyday life and the findings are staggering. Studies found that lighting impacted people’s positivity, confidence and even relationships – three key ingredients to well-being.

If you’ve haven’t heard of Philips Hue 2.0 here’s what you need to know:

Philips HUE 2.0 is a personal wireless lighting system designed to give people the best lighting experience for every space in the home. HUE 2.0 allows people to sync their lights to control all the lights in a singular room and set individual routines. The lighting is so sophisticated people can theme lighting to their favorite song, use lighting to wake them up in the morning, help people concentrate and help them relax.

I’ve been trialing Philips Hue for the last few weeks in my home and here are a few ways this product has changed my life:

Bathroom I installed a Hue bulb in my bathroom which is where I spend most of my time dawdling in the morning. Normally I spend about 30 -45minute in the bathroom washing my face, applying my skincare and styling my hair. I installed the Hue in my bathroom and use the 'energize' setting in the morning which adjusts the bulb to a bright white. Activating this setting in the morning I found myself to be more alert and managed to cut down my preparation time by at least 10 minutes. Tip: Installing a Hue bulb in your bathroom is also beneficial for females when applying their makeup. Makeup should be applied using a warm white light setting which you can achieve using Hue . Once you created this setting you can store it your themes for quick access.

Bedroom Apart from creating mood lighting there are a few features that I use each evening in the bedroom. One of my favorite features is the ‘Go to sleep’ routine. This setting will adjust your chosen Hue bulbs to a warm light setting and gradually fade out to help you prepare for a good night sleep. You can can control how quickly the fade process takes and even schedule this routine on selected days of the week. All I know is this function works – I’ve never actually been awake to see the lights completely turn off! Another great feature is the ‘Read’ scene which optimizes the light to a bright white setting to reduce strain on the eyes.

Living Room Where do I begin! Apart from creating great ambiance, your Hue bulbs can be used with third party apps such as ‘Hue Disco’. This app allows you to create moods and not to mention my favourite, create a disco lighting effect which automatically changes based on the beat of the music you're playing. Hue is also compatible with third party apps to extend your TV viewing or gaming experience.

Home Entry There’s nothing worst that coming home at night and juggling grocery bags while trying to reach the light switch or searching for your house keys in the dark. I installed a Hue bulb at the entry of my home which I then linked to Apple Home Kit. Utilizing geo fencing technology, my entry light automatically turns on when I’m within meters of my home thanks to the location aware feature.

Puppy Playroom

In my line of work, my working days can often be long. I always feel guilty when I get home late and my dogs have been sitting in the dark. With Hue you can log into ‘My Hue’ remotely and control the lights in your home. Now when I’m returning home late I log into my account, access my lighting in the ‘puppy playroom’ and with a tap of a button – lights on! This feature is also great for security purposes - you can light up different areas of your home to give the impression that you’re home.

Philips Hue Starter Kit Mr Neo Luxe

The Philips Hue White and Color ambiance starter kit RRP $289.95. The kit contains three bulbs and the Hue bridge to get you started. Philips Hue is available from selected Apple, Officeworks and Harvey Norman stores, along with selected online retailers. To locate your nearest stockist click here.

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